i <3 apple

as of this past friday, zach and i are now proud and excited owners of these babies!


a couple weeks ago some wonderful friends of ours (who live in pasadena) called and said that they are upgrading their current iphones (that are less than a year old) and were wondering if we would be interested in their old ones?  also, they already have a family plan with 4 numbers, so we could just assign their 2 unused numbers to the old phones and share the bill, leaving NO startup cost for a new plan, etc. for us!  we said YES!

until this point i could never justify getting an iphone.  i thought they were pretty, and pretty awesome, but it wasn’t worth the money to me to own a smartphone since i sit in front of a computer and phone all day long.  for the money it would cost, it just wasn’t worth it.  that is, until now. 

because of the amazing generosity and thoughtfulness of our friends, we were given gently used iphones for FREE, and our portion of the bill each month will be $50 LESS than what we were paying before!  we priced out the cost of breaking our contract with verizon, and it is TOTALLY worth it.  the monthly savings will make up for the termination fee within a couple months!

needless to say, we are stoked.  the original plan had been to get the phones from our friends when we arrived in pasadena tomorrow, but knowing how utterly thrilled i was about this whole thing, my husband had them ship us the phones last week to surprise me!!  and then he told me to have a relaxing, spoiled day on saturday hanging on the couch in my PJ’s, playing with my new toy, and working on my digital wedding album project.  aaawww, i loves him! 

and on top of that, he let me pick out the CUTEST case on sunday at the mall.  isn’t it darling??

i’ve had a blast linking up my email and calendar and facebook, not to mention the apps! 

  • current favorite app: the grocery list app i discovered (with the ability to create personalized categories, which makes me so happy because i’m ridiculously geeky like that)
  • most addicting app: words with friends (mini scrabble game you can play with other iphone users; if you’re interested in playing, my username is cabesa_roja)
  • most excited about using in the future app: ESV Bible – you can add notes to specific verses/passages!
  • most handy app: either southwest airlines or BofA
  • most excited about using NOW app: amazon kindle – i just downloaded a ton of free books i can’t wait to read
  • my favorite “just for fun” app: MyStarbucks – i can save all my favorite drinks PLUS all my friend’s favorite drinks

and can i just say that i pretty much love all things apple?  we were in the apple store the other day asking about a few things and not only are the people in there awesome, but i was noticing how fabulous their design and layouts are for EVERYTHING – store layout, device design, sign placement, etc.  plus, i noticed that it is very “clean” feeling – and not just when it comes to dust and clutter.  their advertisements and images look like normal people, families, friends, etc.  i love how they aren’t relying on sexuality for their appeal.  and of course, i think their products are outstanding.  what can i say?  i’m an apple fan!

PS – if you didn’t receive an email/text/fb msg with our new phone numbers and need/would like them, let me know via xanga or fb and i’ll send them to you.


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