Update – Big News!

No, i’m NOT pregnant.  why is that the first thing that jumps to everyone’s mind?? it’s not like we’re newlyweds eager to start a family or anything.  oh wait…

married life
actually, i’m not sure if we fit the “newlywed” category anymore since our first year anniversary has now passed!  wow, can’t believe it’s actually been a whole year.  time sure does fly when you’re having fun.  zach and i slid right into married life with practically no major adjustments.  God has been so kind to us in the last year and we have grown so much both together and in the Lord.  we’ve really sought to use this first year as a time to build strong foundations for our marriage, practice and grow in communicating & learning each other and hopefully positioning ourselves and posturing our hearts in such a way that God remains the center and continues to lead us in Him each day.  married life is gooooood.  we can both honestly say that we love God, each other and being married more every day.  ::happy sigh::

since our actual anniversary fell smack in the middle of some very busy times (5 day visit to Pasadena followed by a bridal shower and wedding reception and then administrating a regional event at our church – all on back to back to back weeks/weekends), we decided to push our little anniversary celebration to this past sunday.  i had monday and tuesday off, so sunday afternoon we drove up to scottsdale for a fun night away.  dinner at Gordon Biersch and an overnight at the Xona Resort Suites made for a super fun, relaxing and sweet time.  i kept saying to zach “i LIKE anniversaries!  this is GREAT!”  (a little side note – summer rates for hotels in arizona are GREAT.  we booked 2 months in advance, locking in a killer deal.  also?  don’t be afraid to mention that you’re coming in for a special occasion.  they upgraded our room, the front desk person wished us a happy anniversary and later on that night, someone came by with a fruit/cheese/cracker tray and a bottle of sparkling wine for us!  yesssss!)

as you may know, zach hasn’t been working since january.  we tried the video editing from home thing for about 6 months and it didn’t really pan out.  right around the end of July, we decided to call the FAA and see if there was any update for this coming year.  turns out, the hiring numbers for 2011 were coming in around the middle of August (just a few weeks away).  so we decided to hold off on any job pursuits until then.  and pray.  we prayed a lot.  for the 2 weeks prior to when the hiring dates were supposed to come through, we prayed very specifically together every day.  we did some fasting.  we prayed separately.  we asked other people to pray.  we knew that at this point zach had done all he could.  all the paperwork was done, all the testing was passed and completed, all the forms were filled out.  if zach’s name was going to come up in this year’s hiring numbers, it would be by God’s hand alone.  (not that everything isn’t in God’s hand, but it’s not one of those “well i could’ve/should’ve done X” situations, you know?)  august 15th arrived and zach called.  the hiring numbers had actually come through on time!  which is a miracle considering the extensive delays we have experienced over the last 2 years.  buuuut then the numbers were retracted due to some training academy facility dates needing to be rescheduled.  so we continued to wait.  and pray.  and wait.  and pray.  zach looked on forums and news articles and on the one hand, it appeared that there was more money this year for hiring.  we heard a rumor that the el monte airport tower (where zach is slotted to be placed) has 2 openings needing to be filled for 2011.  we continued to wait and pray.  we both had good days and bad days.  (usually opposite from each other, which is just like God, isn’t it?  i’m so grateful that most of the time one of us is doing well when the other is struggling) 

while we were out for dinner on our actual anniversary (we did do SOMETHING on the actual day, even if it was going for a quick bite at olive garden, and even if the couple behind us were having an awful verbal spat that made me sick, and even if zach and i only refrained from saying something to them because they were drunk.  but i digress…), zach asked for my input on what direction we should go with his job.  he’s so tired of not working and being in a holding pattern.  should he just go get a “whatever” job, pursue a possible option in pasadena that was semi-offered to him, or keep waiting?  i told him that i thought we should hold out just a little bit longer for the FAA.  the timeline we’ve experienced is actually pretty common and i didn’t think we should move on just yet.  not until we had officially gotten a “not this year” from the FAA.  so we decided to keep waiting and praying. 

the waiting was a little easier last week since we were both super busy.  after 3 weekends straight of busyness, our little anniversary overnight getaway felt SO GOOD.  we came home and relaxed some more.  the next day (tuesday) i got up and trotted off to the grocery store.  zach decided to call the FAA to update his records (new phone number).  and i mean, if he got through, while he had the regional rep on the phone, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if there was any news, right?  sure, why not?  zach gets through to the guy on the first try!  the rep pulls up zach’s file and basically says, “well i need to hire 2 guys for next year at el monte… and you’re number 1 on the list.  so… you got the job.  you’re in for next year!”  WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!  zach called me right away and as soon as he told me i just broke down and cried.  right there in wal*mart.  in front of all the tortillas.  as much as we had prayed and asked God to make a way, to orchestrate zach getting a job this year, it still felt so surreal that  it had actually happened. 

What’s Next
Well, since we found out somewhat unofficially, we still have to wait for the paperwork to go through and for zach to be assigned an academy date.  the regional rep said he would be calling us as soon as he has that info.  once we get that call, we will be able to plan more accurately.  what’s an “academy date”?  thank you for asking – let me esplain.  no no.  that would take too long (and this post is already approaching novel status, esp for being so pitifully picture-less).  let me sum up.  before zach can start work he will need to spend approximately 6 weeks at the FAA training facility in Oklahoma City.  it’s sort of like “on the job training” except it’s in OKC and not at the actual airport.  after the training stint in OKC, then we will move to pasadena and zach will start directing airplanes!  ::doesalittledance::  so we’re still in a bit of a holding pattern.  no date, no firm plans.  but at least we know.  that is a HUGE relief.  we are thanking and praising God daily for such a huge blessing.  we are SO grateful and SO excited!

while we can’t make any concrete plans as of yet, we have already begun a few prep items.  zach now drops me off at work in the morning and then heads to starbucks where he studies for 3-4 hours.  terminology, phraseology, plane recognition, etc. – there are definitely some things that he can hit hard and drill into his head before he gets there that will really help him in OKC.  i’ve started creating lists of details we will need to arrange, addresses to change, packing lists, etc.  and of course the “what to do for 6 weeks in OKC” list, haha!  after working full time for nearly 6 years, i am A-OK with taking several weeks off and doing fun stuff!  and zach has made it very clear that he would like me to enjoy this break from work and spend my time just doing whatever i would like.    currently plans include: extended devotional times, start working out again, pleasure reading (i’m thinking of tackling the Harry Potter series), sewing/crafts, cooking/baking more (trying all the things i’ve wanted to but haven’t had much time to – plus i’m sure there will be plenty of guys there who would appreciate some homemade baked goods, right?), finding us an apartment in pasadena, working on some office-type projects for a friend, re-watch all the seasons of Alias, explore OKC, find the farmer’s market a friend told me about…  and i’m open to suggestions! 

if you’ve made it this far, wow.  thanks.  thanks for reading and caring, and thanks also to all of you who have been praying for us and for this job.  it means so much to us.  please continue to pray that the FAA would be able to finalize our academy date soon and that we can move forward with planning and moving! 

love to you all!




One thought on “Update – Big News!

  1. Andrea,Can’t tell you how happy we are for you guys! Although this past year flew by, we’ve missed you both and can’t wait for you to live near us. If there’s anything we can do on this end to help you, please let us know. I wish I was close by to help you pack or something… 🙂 `Mom

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