i want one :)

i want a west highland terrier puppy. 

i think i’ve convinced zach to let me get one when we’re in oklahoma for training.  there are several westie breeders in that area!  i’m thinking that an adorable little puppy like this would be a wonderful companion for me to have around while zach is in class and buried in studying and homework.  plus, we have talked about getting a dog before having kids but i never wanted to get a dog while i was working full time and couldn’t take the time to really care for it and train it.  but this way, i’d have 4-6 weeks i could devote to it right away before we head to pasadena and begin to settle back into “real life.”  right?  right. i like this plan. 

aaaand i may or may not have already picked out a name…  😉


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