My Leetle Seester is Married!!!

last Saturday my dearest “leetle seester” (just for pretend, i don’t really have a younger sister. silly.) got married!  it was an absolutely beautiful wedding with rich, vibrant fall colors!  i think it was my favorite wedding to date – it was so incredibly lovely.  i kept getting distracted by all the amazing colors and decorations.  but i digress… obviously the best part was the actual wedding ceremony, but it was particularly special because Kierstyn was marrying Josh.  Josh Tong.  and he isn’t just any guy.  no no.  he is the guy she has liked since she was 12 years old.  oh goodness do i remember the countless conversations all through her jr high, high school and single years.  she truly pursued Godliness with her crushing, her emotions and her interest.  but boy was it hard sometimes.  and sometimes i thought it was even harder for ME!  i didn’t know what to tell her – josh was a great guy!  she couldn’t have picked a more admirable object of her interest!  and besides, i not-so-secretly thought they would be perfect for each other if josh would just wake up and SEE IT.  (there was even a “big sister” coffee meeting he and i had regarding a different young lady on the radar screen and the whole time i was fighting to stay focused on the actual conversation while on the inside i was screaming, “what about kierstyn?!?!?!?”)  i’m thrilled to say that eventually he did see it, and i truly cannot think too long about how magnificently Kierstyn’s dream has come true without tearing up.  seriously, there are tears every time.  i’m so so so happy for them!

Kierstyn, thanks for being the little sister i never had.  for teaching me and encouraging me and provoking me even though you are 7 years my junior (there was a time when you actually felt that much younger than me, but not as much anymore 😉 ).  i will forever treasure each memory i have of our outings for ice cream, pumpkin scones, coffee, bagels, breakfast, lunch, dinner… i’m so glad we both enjoy food so much, haha!  from playing dress up with your sisters to Pirate-themed birthday parties to seeing Prince Caspian twice within 24 hours… from sharing formal dresses and sunday morning cardigans to helping me coordinate weddings and plan parties… from laughing together to crying together, being totally open and honest with each other, encouraging each other, praying for each other and sharing life with each other… you will always have that special “Leetle Seester” place in my heart.  and i could not be more thrilled for this new and wonderful life you get to start with “your Josh” forever and ever.  i love you!!!

kierstyn as a bridesmaid in my wedding last september (isn’t she just lovely?):


me as a bridesmaid in HER wedding (sorry, i don’t think she was looking at the camera actually taking this particular picture… but still, she’s a stunning bride, isn’t she??):

(wow the drastic difference in color tone between the pictures almost makes it look like it’s not even the same people in both pictures!  weird.)

PS – for those of you who have asked/been waiting – this is the bridesmaid dress i made!  with MUCH coaching and step-by-step help from my mom, i sewed this bridesmaid dress all myself!  and yes, i’m quite proud of how it turned out. pleased )


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