another exciting update!

we have an academy date!!! 

last week the FAA called and gave zach his start date for ATC training in Oklahoma City (OKC)!!!  ready?


yes, ladies and gentlemen, in 82 days zach will step into his first class as a hired air traffic controller in training!  we are completely stoked and utterly amazed by God’s goodness and blessings upon us! 

a bit of explanation:
all new hires for ATC have to complete of training at the FAA facility in OKC.  depending on your level of school/prior training, the amount of time new hires spend in OKC varies.  because zach went to school for this and holds an associates degree in Terminal Radar ATC, he only needs 6-7 weeks of training (some people have to go for as much as 3 and a half months!).  and these amounts have actually been lessened from previous years’ requirements. 

after completing his training, he will begin work at El Monte tower.  El Monte is a small, non-commercial airport located about 10-15 minutes’ drive from pasadena.  from what we have seen and heard, it is a GREAT place to start out – not extremely stressful or busy, a manageable pace and wonderful environment for zach learn, acclimate and work on passing his certification.

the working plan:
so the current working plan is this: we will load up 90% of our lives into a moving truck and somewhere around january 22nd, zach and i will both hit the road, going opposite directions.  zach will drive the moving truck to pasadena and (“with a little help from our friends”, Lord willing) unload everything into a storage facility.  the next day he will fly to OKC.  meanwhile, i and a friend will hit the road for OKC.  we’re planning to make it a 2-day drive, the goal being to arrive in OKC earlier the same day that zach flies in.  aaaand that’s about as far as our plan goes, for the most part.  while in OKC (possibly even before, if we can swing it), i will be working on securing us an apartment in pasadena.  at least a couple days before his training ends (march 17), i will make my way to pasadena ahead of him to begin settling into the apartment so he at least has a bed to come home to before starting work almost immediately. 

we are so overwhelmingly grateful to God for His provision in our lives through this job!!!  not only is it zach’s dream job, but it is an answer to so many prayers and it is a wonderful means of provision for us and our future.  we are super excited to move to the place where we believe God has called us to be for the long-term, that i will no longer need to work (i’m practically giddy about that part!),  and we can realistically pursue adding some little “baby boomers” to our family!!   

thanks so much to all of you who have been praying with us for this, who have encouraged us as we waited, who have rejoiced with us as we got the news!  it has felt like a long journey so far, although 2 years really isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of things.  and in so many more ways, the journey is just beginning… 

if you would all be so kind as to continue to pray for us, we would be so grateful.  a few specific things would be:
– patience as we wait for january 25th to actually get here! 
– grace, discernment and keen thinking as i begin to phase myself out of my job (i’ll have been there 10 years in december, crazy)
– safety in all of our inter-state travels, both by road and plane
– that the Lord would bless us with good housing options, specifically in pasadena after training.  we know what our heart’s desire would be – we are praying that God would open doors and make a way for us
– that zach would excel in his training classes.  he has SUCH a knack for this stuff, it’s amazing.  but the training is still uncharted territory for him…

i will post more updates as they happen! 

love to all!


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