thankful for the little things

before the month of november is over i thought i’d squeeze in my late thanksgiving post. 

as thanksgiving drew nearer this year, i found myself contemplating how thankful i am for the little things.  lots of little things.  the last year has been a difficult season for sure, particularly with money.  and when money is tight, little things are a bigger deal.  getting starbucks before church, ordering pizza after a long day, buying a new piece of clothing, being able to bring a gift to a wedding – all felt like a huge treat when they happened.  and while this season has had plenty of challenges and i’m grateful to be moving into a different one, i’m glad for the heightened awareness of the little things to be grateful for.  little things like:

– the location of our apartment in the complex – near to the dumpster (that might sound crazy, but i’m grateful i don’t have to walk past three other buildings and across the parking lot just to take out the trash), back corner with lots of extra parking and less traffic, no western exposure (helps a lot in the summer!), ground floor… even fun and easy number! 

– the fact that the wal*mart here will match any sale price advertised by other stores each week.  with a bit of strategy and planning, this has been a huge help to our budget. 

– my husband likes simple meals.  taco meat, black beans & rice, pasta w/ sauce, and breakfast-for-dinner are all viable options and he is still a happy man. 

– discovering a new favorite drink that is inexpensive and that i can make at home: raspberry italian sodas!  3/4 club soda, raspberry syrup, a splash of half&half and a couple of ice cubes.  yumster!

– wearing a hoodie to work on mondays. 

– our heavy down comforter that keeps us cozy and warm each night.

there are definitely big things i’m grateful for as well.  but this year i’m particularly aware of the fabulous little things.   


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