Merry Christmas from The Boomsmas!

Personally, I’ve never been real keen on the idea of sending out a Christmas card or letter pre-kids.  There are a few Christmas items that I’m rather die-hard on: live tree, not knowing what you’re getting, and including a picture in Christmas cards.  And since it’s just Zach and I right now, it seemed a little weird to send out a card with a picture of us… I mean, we don’t even have a pet to include in the picture, haha!  Plus, since we are traveling for Christmas this year AND we are going to being packing up the rest of our stuff right after we get home, we decided to not even get a tree or decorate the apartment.  (Surprisingly, I was completely ok with this.  Shocking, I know.)

So no Christmas card.  That was the plan. 

Until my husband, with all his mad skillz, was inspired to play around with his own arrangements of a few carols.  And what started out as “I think I’ll do my own arrangement of ‘In the Bleak Midwinter'” became “Hey!  Now THAT would be a cool idea for a Christmas card!” 

Due to the cost of creating printing, cds, labels, envelopes, cards and postage, we were able to physically mail/give a limited number of cards.  But we still want to wish all of our friends and family a very Merry Christmas in this special way.  So I’m posting the card and the music here for you all to enjoy as well. 

Over the word JOY, we attached a cd:

Here are the songs (and yes, it’s all Zach.  The arrangements, the instruments, the vocals – er, except for the girl’s voice at the beginning.  That was me – digitally altered to make me sound littler.  ):

(if you would like to have the actual MP3s for your computer or to burn a cd of your own to listen to in the car, etc. – send us an email or leave me a comment and we’d be happy to email you the files!)

Merry Christmas!!!


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