driving in pasadena

Zach and I are in Pasadena this year for Christmas, and since the church office is closed all week, we get to stay here through New Year’s as well. I’m taking advantage of having a whole week here to become better acquainted with the streets and such. I must say that I’m so glad I came and visited Pasadena fairly often prior to anything even starting between Zach and me, because now the roads here don’t feel as strange or unfamiliar as they might have.

I’ve had a couple observations about the roads here that might take some adjustment…

– nearly every road has parking along the street. I find myself on higher alert as I drive, perhaps even a tad nervous, with so many cars “cluttering” the roads, potentially pulling into the street at any moment.

– as is typical of most cities in So Cal, there are an abundance of palm trees. it is not uncommon for the bark-ish pieces to fall off into the street. now, besides looking like roadkill from a distance (I kept thinking “gosh, ANOTHER dead cat in the road?! oh wait…”), these branches are not harmless bits of foliage that are easily trampled by your mighty car tires. oh no. veer away whenever possible or else the branches will win. they can do some serious damage to your tires. definitely a new thing for this desert rat whose only used to the occasional tumbleweed on the road!

– the freeway is not always the fastest way to get somewhere. actually, if your destination is less than 20 minutes away, the freeway is rarely faster.

– quite a few of the speed limits here are 35mph. so far i have discovered only one stretch of one street (besides the freeways, of course) that is 50mph. I’m not naturally a slow and easy going driver. I like my zippy little Toyota Camry and I like to get where I’m going. looks like the speed limits around here will just be one more thing to help me slow my life down a little once we move 🙂

lest you misunderstand me, dear readers, i’m not complaining about any of these things! i have simply never lived anywhere other than the East Valley of the Phoenix area. rather humorously, the more I travel and the more I see, the more I realize that the way things are in The Southwest are actually the odd way. haha – WE’RE the weird ones! I have such a big adventure ahead of me and I’m excited to see and learn new places and new aspects of life in a new town!


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