last day

image1019313509.jpgit was the fall of 2000. I was 17. I had been babysitting my heart out (and loving it) as well as doing a little side office work for a close family friend who had an office in their home. but it was time to get a “real” job. I remember eyeing the church office and thinking “now THAT is a job I would like. that would be my dream job.”

a few weeks later my Dad got a call from the church administrator. “would Andrea ever be interested in working at the church office?” I started a few weeks later.

that was just over 10 years ago.

a whole decade of my dream job. it has been one if the greatest privileges and joys I have ever known.

it’s surreal to think that as of 5:00pm today, it will all be over. what a thrill it has been.

friendships were formed in the office or across state lines because of working in the office that are still going strong today.

countless times of laughter and a few tears. so many lessons, experiences and memories. I am blessed beyond belief.

never has a closing of a chapter in my life been so aptly called “bittersweet.”

all praise and thanks be to God, for giving me one of the best earthly gifts of my life thus far.


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