the big question

image346627305.jpgthe apartment has been [mostly] emptied and completely cleaned and the moving truck is loaded. now the big question is: will the remaining stuff in the living room actually fit in my car for the drive to OKC?

the temporary housing in OKC is a furnished apartment. but I’m not entirely sure what exactly is meant by “furnished.” I called and asked about a few things, but there’s all sorts of little details that have since occurred to me.

in general I’ve decided to just be ok with whatever is there. I can live with ( or without) pretty much anything for 6 weeks, right?

as for the remaining stuff, I’ve organized, categorized and theorized. I have 5 piles (see picture above).

far right pile is stuff going into the moving truck (and then Zach will take the suitcases on the plane with him).

to the left of that is the “I’m willing to not have these in OKC if they just won’t fit” pile. I may have to convince my husband on a few of the selections.

moving to the left, in the middle, is the overnight/roadtrip pile. must have.

far left front pile: goes in the trunk. think it will fit? I have a pretty deep and spacious trunk…

behind the trunk pile is the “back seat” pile. 3 stacks planning to go on the 3 “seats”. then the paper bags on the floor and stacked 2 high. a few additional items for the center-ish area and the rear dash.

no worries, right??

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