we made it!

we have arrived in Oklahoma City!  after 15 hours on the road, Raigan and I made it safely across 3 states to what will be our home for the next 7 weeks.  🙂

my car was packed to the gills.  let’s just say that we only accessed things in the back seat by rolling down the windows and reaching them from the outside.  haha! 

getting on the road (sorry we’re so bleary-eyed… it was early… and i had been crying a little after saying goodbye to my family):

there was still snow up in Payson:

we left arizona and entered New Mexico…

not gonna lie.  NM was definitely not my favorite.  it had some beautiful red rock formations, but overall, it just isn’t the most attractive of states… 

and then we made it to texas…

we spent the night at a hotel in Amarillo – felt like the first big city we’d actually passed through.  either that or most of the other cities we’d driven through were just built with the freeway on the outskirts of town… 

technology these days is so fabulous.  before going to bed, i was able to “facetime” (video chat) with zach using my iPhone!

hitting the road again in the morning. (please note the fabulous hat that raigan bought)…

we only had a couple of hours more until…. ooooooklahoma!

we found our housing location easily.  after several phone calls and voicemails, we were able to track down the maintenance man to let us in, since the apmt office is usually closed on sundays.  it was FREEZING cold!  well actually, when the sun came out and the air was still, it was quite nice.  but man.  when that wind kicked up, it was bitter.  we unloaded my car in record time.  then we had to get back on the road to take raigan to the airport so she could fly back to warm arizona.  🙂

there was a little bit of a mix-up with zach’s flight and the FAA so he doesn’t arrive until tonight.  so i took advantage of the extra time and unpacked all our bags and “set up house.”  i have to say, the apartment is quite satisfactory and i’m quite happy with it.  (i’ll talk all about the apartment in another post)

i’ve already done a little bit of exploring – just up the freeway is a stretch of shopping plazas with nearly all of my favorite stores!  michaels, old navy, starbucks, wal*mart… the target is just a few blocks away – haven’t made it up there yet… there is also a huge baptist church across the street from our apartment that has a FREE fitness center!  score! 

you know, i think i’m gonna like it here.  i mean, it’s not gilbert or pasadena, but it’s really not that bad…  🙂

thanks for all the prayers and texts and encouragements.  i’m so happy to be here. 

more to come soon!


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