(500) days of marriage

happy january 25th!  this may be just an ordinary tuesday to most of you, but today is a very long anticipated day in the boomsma home.  today is zach’s first day at the FAA Academy!!! 


today is our 500th day of marriage!  how awesome is it that the two would coincide?!  i love that we have such a personable God who cares about the details of our lives and orchestrates them all not only for our best, but often just to bring us greater daily joy in Him. 

the last 500 days have been the best of my life.  not the easiest, by any means.  but definitely the best.

_ day (1) – our wedding day
_ day (10) – set up our first home
_ day (32-35) – worked my first event/conference as a married women.  definitely didn’t anticipate the differences from working a conference as a single.  several lessons learned.
_ day (46) – we find out that the FAA will NOT be able to hire zach for 2010.  no openings/budget for him this year. 
_ day (89) – zach’s first married birthday
_ day (94) – got our first christmas tree
_ day (103) – zach quits his delivery job.  we decide to live on what i made and have zach pursue video editing/graphic _ design from home (for 6ish months to see what happens, then we’d reevaluate)
_ day (105) – first married christmas
_ day (123) – my first married birthday
_ day (156) – first married Valentine’s Day 
_ day (188) – spent our first night apart since getting married.  (zach was playing drums at the singles retreat and went up a day before i did)
_ day (196) – zach and i worked our first conference together.  (W4T)
_ day (212) – my younger brother got married!
_ day (277) – zach left for san diego to play with his band at a conference. longest time spent apart since getting married (5 days).   not my favorite.
_ day (293) – hit the road w/ Josh&Courtney for Together 2010.  the weekend went nothing like any of us really expected, but we still had a great time and made some great memories.
_ day (312) – first plane ride together!  off to holland, michigan to visit the Boomsma extended family and attend a cousin’s wedding.
_ day (318) – our original plan had been for zach to look for a job at this time, since the video editing/graphic design thing wasn’t really panning out.  but before doing that, zach decided to call the FAA for a status update.  our FAA rep said that new 2011 hiring numbers would be coming in around aug 15th and to try back then.
_ days (324-335) – we spent a dedicated time each day in prayer and fasting, going before the Lord and asking Him to make a way for the FAA to hire zach for 2011.  never have i felt more desperate.
_ day (337) – hiring numbers came through (on time – miracle of miracles)!  but then they were retracted due to a mixup with academy scheduling.  we continued to wait and pray.
_ day (365) – our first anniversary!
_ day (375) – after several weeks of phone tag with our FAA rep, we received verbal confirmation that zach was a confirmed hire for 2011!!!!  (since we didn’t know how soon our academy date would follow after, i begin packing up all extraneous items in the apartment)
_ day (399) – stood as an ecstatic bridesmaid in the wedding of my “leetle seester.”  not only was i thrilled to see her marry the man of her dreams, but so happy that God allowed us to remain in arizona long enough to be a part of their relationship and now marriage. 
_ day (409) – we received our “academy date”!  yay for finally being able to plan ahead and get the ball rolling!
_ day (440) – my husband actually agreed to attend The Nutcracker ballet with me – and enjoyed it!  it was a romantic and very holiday-ish thing to do and we made a delightful memory. 
_ day (448) – zach is in a wedding in gaithersburg, maryland.  such a fun trip – i got to see many old friends and we were so happy to celebrate robbie & kelly’s marriage.
_ day (469) – first Christmas NOT spent with my family in arizona.  it was still a good Christmas, just different than it had ever been before.
_ day (473) – OKC housing confirmed
_ day (478) – first day back in town – and the whirlwind of packing and preparing to move begins
_ day (487) – goodbye lunch w/ the office staff (and my birthday – a doubly encouraging day)
_ day (491) – our last sunday with our church family in gilbert.  picnic going-away party afterwards at a nearby park.
_ day (495) – my last day at the church office.  over 10 years of employment there.  so bittersweet.  loaded the moving truck that evening.
_ day (496) – said goodbye to our first apartment home.
_ day (497) – hit the road!  zach and jenn go west, driving the moving truck to pasadena and unloading all of our stuff into a storage facility.  raigan and i go east passing through new mexico and texas.
_ day (498) – raigan and i arrive in oklahoma.  we braved the bitter wind to unload the car and i got right to work settling in and making our new apartment “home.”
_ day (499) – zach arrives in oklahoma! 
_ day (500) – oh how we have dreamt and waited for this day.  today the alarm went off at 5am.  today i ironed dress pants and a dress shirt, made coffee, packed a lunch, kissed my Love and saw him off to his first day of academy training!  oh happy day!

it has been an amazing first 500 days of marriage.  i look forward to 500+ more and all that God has for us!