random stuff

i’ve been up to a bunch of random stuff here – and loving it!

* yesterday we drove down to frisco, tx to attend grace church.  afterwards we hung out with our friends and newlyweds, robbie & kelly hughes.  besides laughing a ton, a highlight of the day for me was visiting downtown dallas and seeing the place where JFK was assassinated.  it was amazing to stand on that street corner and envision history being made.  i only snapped one picture – this is the window from where lee harvey oswald allegedly took his shot (far right, next to the rounded window):

* i’ve really been enjoying my time at home.  last week zach had the night shift, so he took the car, leaving me with lots of time to be domestic.   

i made some of this (most of which was later transformed into cookies):

and some of these (pumpkin apple struesel muffins):

i did several hours worth of cutting fabric (special thanks to my moms who gave me the rotary cutter and the measuring things – and a shoutout to BonnieT whose gift card enabled me to buy the cutting matte – such incredibly helpful tools!):

after all the pieces were cut, i laid them out on the extra bed to get a “vision” for how my quilt will one day look:

* we’re supposed to be getting a huge storm/cold front tonight, projecting 10″ of snow and 8″ of ice.  dang.  that might have us tucked inside for several days.  i’m sure we’ll be spending some time watching this (since we found it on a happy Target run for only $19.99!):

and since i’ve finished the first harry potter book, i’m planning to watch the movie version:



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