we are snowed in!

image949390508.jpgwe are snowed in at our apartment! this is the view out our back porch door. crazy! the wind is blowing in a very blizzardish way, the snow has formed drifts around the doors and windows, and it’s all over the news. looks like we’ve had about 5″ of snow already and another 5-7″ are still expected.

Zach and I have never lived in a place where they had snow days, so this is pretty fun and exciting for us! we had just done the grocery shopping so we are well stocked with food and water (altho what more do we really need besides coffee and baked yumminess and soup on a wintry day, right?). I think we’ll be watching lots of 24, studying (Z), sewing (me) and soup on bread bowls. 🙂


One thought on “we are snowed in!

  1. How fun you get to have some snow during your time there! We have a snow day here, but due to sub-zero temps, not snow!

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