snow days

yesterday we awoke and looked out the bedroom window to see this:

zach only lasted about 4 hours before needing to get outside the apartment.  plus, this kind of snow is something of a novelty to him, so he wanted to go see what it was like.  thus, an adventurous trek to the mailbox!

we spent the day watching 24, eating soup-in-bread-bowls and just lounging.  it was crazy to flip on the news and see them talking about the very city we are in!

i helped zach practice his controller phraseology on the “table top” that he created:

we slept in a little today and made eggs and pancakes and finished the final season of 24.  it was crazy intense and emotional.  not gonna lie – i actually cried at 2 different parts. 

after 36 hours cooped up inside, BOTH of us needed to get out.  so we layered and bundled up and went on a little adventure to Circle K haha.  we trekked through the snow about a half mile and back.  felt so good to get out and be active.  and actually – it wasn’t that bad outside!  it got pretty cold when the wind kicked up, but the sun was shining and we had a great time enjoying the snow!

(nearly 2 feet deep in places!)


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