i’ve never lived in a place that has fog

last night zach was looking at the predicted weather for today and chuckles, “weather warning – severe fog.”  ha!  i chucked too.  seriously?


i stepped outside this morning to head to the gym and nearly stopped dead in my tracks.  they weren’t kidding!  there was thick, heavy, cloudy FOG everywhere!  i could barely make out the fencing along the back of the complex straight out from our front door.  being the brave girl that i am, and not willing to let some silly fog stand between me and my workout, i proceeded to get in my car.  the fitness center i’ve been going to is located directly across the street from our apmt complex.  as i turned into the parking lot i couldn’t even see the church building from the street.  visibility was less than 50 feet.  craziness, i tell you.  i’ve never experienced anything quite so bizarre.  first the blizzard 2 weeks ago and now this.  i’m not sure how much more of this… “weather”… the desert rat in me can take!  ๐Ÿ˜‰

speaking of the gym – there are either a lot of “old” people in oklahoma, or being a stay-at-home wife just means that when i get out and about during weekday mornings, i’m far more likely to encounter the retired demographic more than any other.  then again, it could have to do with the fact that i’m attending a free fitness center located inside a baptist church and using the walking track…  just seems like i’ve been seeing more “old people” these days…

not gonna lie.  oklahoma has thus far been remarkably underwhelming.  last weekend zach and i explored two different places that really seemed like they would have been interesting/fun places to walk around and experience.  the first was an area of downtown called Bricktown.  dozens of beautiful buildings made of redbrick, including a minor league baseball stadium.  from the freeway it looked like an adorable place to walk around, maybe with some shops, etc.
nope.  the place was deserted.  and it was only bar&grill type restaurants and clubs, most of which didn’t even open until after 8pm.  uh, ok?  i guess Bricktown is more of the night scene here…

the second place we tried was the capitol building.

also deserted.  in face, one of the three major buildings at the capitol, complete with Grecian architecture and “Oklahoma Historical Society” etched above the stately columns in the front, was not only closed, but abandoned.  as we peered through the glass front doors it was obvious that the building wasn’t even in use!  i was a little take aback.  in arizona the capital building always has something going on.  tours of the house/senate, little museums and displays that talk about arizona’s history, the gift shop, etc.  i guess the oklahoma state legislature really does shut down when not in session.  the parking lot was even empty! 

and this all on the day zach and i had planned to get out and have a little Valentine’s Day date!  we ended up just getting starbucks, seeing a movie at a Harkins theatre and then having dinner at On The Border.  to be perfectly frank, after such a depressing “tour” of downtown OKC, i was quite content sitting in chain establishments that let me forget i was in such a boring city. 

maybe there actually ARE interesting/neat places in oklahoma city and we just didn’t look far enough?  if so, i still need plenty of convincing. 

a few other things i’ve noticed about this place:
– the people do seem generally more friendly.  kind of in that “we’re just a few hours north of texas” sort of way.
– but let me tell you, that friendliness evaporates darn quick when an okie gets behind the wheel of a car.  the drivers here are fast and aggressive. 
– given that it’s still winter in oklahoma, it is just as dry and arid as arizona.  before now i didn’t think there was a single state in the country that was as dry as arizona.  apparently i was wrong.  oklahoma is just as dry (at least in the winter).  zach and i are both feeling it.
– the tap water is really hard.  again, i thought arizona water was bad.  oklahoma is worse.  the water is so hard that it actually smells funny to me.  and it’s awful to drink.  bleck. 

never have i had a better appreciation or a deeper experiential understanding of the concept that “this is not our home.”  i’m living in a place that is temporary and eagerly looking forward to being where we truly belong.  i get that so much better now.   i mean, life isn’t terrible here.  i’m enjoying keeping busy with all sorts of projects and books and i love that my husband is so happy “working” and learning and immersing himself in a world that thrills him.  but i’m grateful we don’t have to live here long-term and that there is a better place waiting for us at the end of this season.

we’re officially halfway through.  only 3.5 more weeks to go!


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