looking forward to california

today i find myself really looking forward to moving to california. 

i cant wait to see and share life with our dear family:

this wonderful family (my cousin + zach’s best friend + cutie-patootie little girls):

these beloved friends:

being a part of Sovereign Grace Church of Pasadena

i’m looking forward to getting season passes to this place:

and seeing this show:

going to the beach at Santa Monica…

spending a day at the Getty art museum…

having tea at The Huntington Gardens…

hiking in places like Eaton Canyon…

hopefully getting a tour of The Gamble House (probably most famous for it’s appearance as Doc’s house in Back to the Future.  however, *i* love it because it’s the Epps’ house in one of my favorite tv shows, Numb3rs!)

shopping in Old Town Pasadena

and The Paseo (a section of Old Town).

can’t wait to call this place “home”!

(please don’t misunderstand.  i don’t have a “grass is greener” disposition toward living in Pasadena.  in no way do i expect any and all challenges or trials to evaporate when we move.  i’m just really excited about the place we get to live!)

oh and did i mention that we would LOVE to have people come VISIT us?! 


One thought on “looking forward to california

  1. Ahh, season passes to Disneyland! That would be my dream come true. (seriously, a few weeks ago I had a dream that Disney built a park in the field near my neighborhood and we could walk there. I have no idea where that came from, but it sure would be fun!)

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