latest obsession

i don’t know about you all, but growing up my mom had folders and files where she stored ideas.  sewing project ideas, recipes, decorating ideas, wish lists, etc.  these folders were filled with handwritten notes, magazine pages, print outs and pictures. professionals with office space would take ideas like this and put them up on a bulletin board to look at for inspiration.  stay-at-home professionals like my mom had folders. 

well, i would like to introduce you to the 21st century digital version of bulletin boards, folders and inspirational files. 


Pinterest is like a whole wall all your own, that you can fill with bulletin boards for any and every category you want.  and then on those bulletin boards you “pin” images of things you see on the world wide web that you like, want to try, that inspire you, that you want to share, etc.  the image is connected to the original link so you can go back and read the recipe, follow the tutorial, or order that lampshade. 

shoutout to Mindy Coleman who blogged about it, thus introducing me to one of the raddest online tools EVER (in my humble opinion).  thanks Mindy!

here’s a screenshot of my Pinterest:

seriously.  i think this has changed my [internet] life. 

also?  you can follow other friends’ Pinterests, see what nifty things they have found and re-pin them to your own boards! 

i really heart the internet sometimes.  ok, most times.  but especially now. 

if you are interested in a Pinterest account of your own, let me know.  i have a handful of “invitations” left.  (if you just go to and request an account, you’ll be put on a wait list for a little bit.  i waited for about a week.  ::shrug:: but an invitation will get you an account faster.)


One thought on “latest obsession

  1. i am SO glad you’re liking it! i’ve found it totally useful, too 🙂 & i’m also finding that i actually DO more of the projects i save because i can see them on there all the time – which is AWESOME.

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