oklahoma date night

last week zach and i decided to go on an “oklahoma” themed date night – visiting 3 places that are unique to oklahoma. 

the evening started with my husband showing up at home with “three-lips” (as my mom and i call them) for me!  one of my favorite flowers in such a bright and cheery color (also a favorite)!  🙂

first place was Pops.  Pops is a future-istic style diner on historic route 66 that is famous for having over 500 different kinds of soda pop!

we pulled up and it definitely looked like something out of the jetsons, haha.

with a 66-ft-high LED soda pop bottle out front:

the entryway:

next to our table by the window:

looking up from our table:

the food was pretty basic “diner food.”  nothing amazing, but somehow a good old fashioned burger and fries really hit the spot.

of course, we couldn’t leave without buying several bottles!

(the 3 on the left are my picks and the 3 on the right are zach’s)

we left pops and headed to the memorial site from the oklahoma city bombing.
(all my pictures are pretty crummy because it was dark, and i was using my iphone.  sorry.)

(memorials for each of the 168 people who were killed in the bombing)

a reflecting pool running the full length of the building that was bombed.  at one end was a wall-like structure with “9:01” on it and at the other end was another wall-like structure with “9:03”.  9:01 represents the moment the city was still innocent and unharmed… and 9:03 is when the bomb when off.

it was pretty cold and windy out, so we didn’t stay very long.  i would like to go back and walk through the museum that has since been built…

our last stop was Braum’s ice cream. braum’s is primarily an ice cream place but also has a grill (mostly burgers, i think) and a small grocery section. 

and actually, braum’s isn’t specific to only oklahoma.  they are located throughout oklahoma as well as parts of texas, arkansas, kansas and missouri.  either way, it’s unique to this area of the country and we definitely don’t have them out west. 

i have to say, my reese’s peanut butter was quite tasty, but nothing that really set it apart from DQ, etc.  but i kind of felt like i needed to at least try it while we lived here, right?

it was a fun evening together and we now feel like we can leave oklahoma having seen/experienced at least some of the “interesting” parts of the city.  can’t say i’m gonna miss it, though…  the homesickness is starting to hit us both really hard.  we’re ready to really settle down and not feel like we’re in-between anymore.  praise God we get to hit the road a week from friday – only 11 days left!


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