my treasures!

having worked full time for the last 7 years, one of the things i’ve been enjoying the most is TIME during the day.  grocery shopping in the middle of the morning and just taking my time strolling down the aisles, making decisions, getting new ideas, etc.  running errands and not feeling rushed or pressed for time in the slightest.  going from all day, every day, being constantly aware of every single minute… alarm goes off… how many minutes do i have to get ready?  do i really need that much?  can i sleep a few more?how many minutes do i have for a devotion before i have to leave?… oop, gotta leave, i only have 9 minutes to get to work!… what time will my boss be in?  what time did i leave for lunch?  11:35?  ok gotta be walking back in that door by 12:35… leaving at 5… do i really have enough time to make that meal for dinner?  it takes how long to cook?… what time do we need to leave the house to get to X tonight?… etc.  ugh.  i don’t miss that AT ALL.  these days I’m hardly even aware of what time it is during most of the day – what a glorious feeling!

last week i went to target and enjoyed walking around the whole store for over an hour, just for fun.  and to my great delight, i discovered my favoritest pair of jeans were on clearance for $5!  i showed much self control and only purchased 2 more.  i’m a firm believer that you can really never have too many pairs of jeans.  however, i’m probably not going to be this size for the rest of my life, so i don’t really need to have 12+ pairs of the same jeans in my closet.  ha.  no no, 4 will do just fine. 

i was in a newer shopping plaza about 10 miles south of our apartment complex, so once i left target, i thought i’d drive along the buildings and see what else was there.  you know, since i had the time.    and i came across a store named “$1 Jewelry Galore.”  um, YES?  i found these treasures – all for $1 each! 

fun stuff, eh?  i’ve been wanting to expand some of my style tastes, particularly with jewelry, so this was thrilling for me!

i also found some basic t’s at kohls:

to wear under this fun vesty thing (which was basically free because it was on clearance for $9.80 and i had $10 in “kohls cash” – score!):

(with some of the new jewelry of course!)

in sum total, i spent around $40 and got 3 pairs of jeans, 10 pairs of earrings, 3 necklaces, 1 bracelet, 3 tshirts, and a vesty thingy. 

oh and to top it all off – a couple days later, i got a text coupon from target for $5 off any denim purchase.  so i went back!  they had ONE more pair left in my size!  $5 off a pair of jeans on clearance for $5 = a free pair of jeans! 

(i think i’m going to shorten these into capris or bermuda shorts for the summer)

when my mom and i would come home from shopping excursions (of any kind, not just clothes), we would say “come see my treasures!” i think this arose from the dozens of finds my mom discovered at thrift stores – the classic example of one persons “trash” becoming another person’s “treasure.” 

i don’t have a mom or sisters or girl cousins here in OKC to get all excited about my treasures. and while my husband is very happy for me when i find fun new clothes (especially for great deals), it’s just not the same, nor do i want to put that level of pressure on him.  😉  so i’m sharing them with you all! 


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