grace church of frisco, tx

during our stay here in oklahoma city, we decided to make the 3-hour drive down to frisco, tx (suburb of dallas) on the weekends to attend grace church of frisco.

(pc – from the grace church website.  because i forgot to get a picture.  shocker.)

we have several friends at grace church and knew that after a week of being “alone” in oklahoma city, we would both want and need fellowship with like-minded believers and friends.

most weeks we just drove down on sunday morning.  since they have 2 services, and the 2nd one starts at 11:15am, that made for a very reasonable morning.  we left oklahoma around 8:15am which gave us enough time for a starbucks stop about halfway and we arrived with a few minutes to spare before the service started.  it was very refreshing each week to be at a church that could so easily feel like a 2nd home – familiar songs and solid teaching.  the sr pastor – craig cabaniss – originally came from zach’s church in pasadena before planting/leading the churches in san diego and now dallas.  the assoc pastor – pete payne – i knew from when he was part of the sovgrace church in denver and have been friends with his family, including his oldest son Jon, who is on staff at the church in gilbert.  see?  all sorts of fun connections.

most weeks we hung out with robbie & kelly hughes:

robbie is a long-time friend of zach’s (and thru zach, became a friend of mine ).  robbie was in our wedding back in sept ’09 and zach got to be in robbie’s wedding this past december!  we are happy to report that kelly is absolutely delightful and we loved getting to spend so much time with them while we’ve been here!

we also spent some time with tim & callie payne, and their adorable little munchkin, annie:

(is annie not one of the cutest little girls ever??)
tim and callie were both friends of mine way back when we were all still single and they lived in denver.  one of the first sundays we went down to frisco, robbie&kelly and zach&i all had lunch at tim&callie’s house after church.  as we sat down around the table i had this moment… having known almost everyone at the table for a good 5+ years and through various seasons of life (ie – i remember when we were all still in school… single… attending conferences and going on crazy late-night trips to DC… and then through courtships and weddings…), it was rather surreal.  it almost felt like we were just pretending.  like we were “playing grown up.”  but no, here we were, all married, we have homes of our own and even kiddos.  kinda crazy and yet really awesome at the same time. 

as we look back over the last 6 weeks that we made it down to frisco for church (the snow prevented us from going down on one of the weeks), zach and i found ourselves so very grateful:
– for a solid church that could feel like home
– for a sovgrace church that was within driving distance
– that the church has 2 services, thus making the drive very reasonable and manageable
– for friendships that have lasted through many years, different seasons, and multi-state moves
– for friends that opened their homes for zach and i to come down and stay overnight on 2 of the weekends we went down
– for a chance to make a “new” friend in robbie’s wife, kelly, and get to know her better
– for the opportunity to serve others (we got to bbsit annie payne one evening b/c tim&callie had band practice) while simultaneously being served by them (staying at their house all weekend)
– that our time here coincided with the “marriage and the mercy of God” seminar with dave&kimm harvey at grace church.  it was our first marriage seminar!
– for the provision to pay for gas, etc to make the drive each week


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