random thoughts on the drive

I actually started to feel a little sentimental about leaving. Er, leaving our little apmt, not OKC. I didn’t love living in OKC, but it was a special season in the adventure of Zach&Andrea. And I spent a lot of time in that apartment! I made it “home” for 2 months and I have to admit, there were a few twinges of sentimentality as I finished loading the car. But don’t worry, they passed quickly. 😉

Speaking of loading the car, I am a little surprised that we actually managed to fit everything! We shipped 3 boxes of books and 1 box of clothes – and it was a good thing too, seeing as how the car is packed to the gills.

In hindsight, if I had to do it over again, I would have 1) packed less clothes & craft projects, 2) I would have gone “disposable” with more items (like soap dispensers, tupperware, etc and 3) I wouldn’t have bothered even taking certain items like both our alarm clocks (our phones work just fine). But oh well.

Everything along I-40 seems to be forgotten. Seriously. It feels like every stop and shop along this highway is old, run down and well, forgotten. Kind of sad.

Watching movies on the laptop and running the audio through the stereo system makes the time go so much faster!

I’m so glad Zach and I “do” roadtrips the same way. We are different, but we’re not opposites. And thankfully, roadtrips are not an area in which we differ much at all. We stop for coffee, food, gas and bathrooms only as necessary. Otherwise we just want to beeline it to our destination.

After 2 1/2 years of talking about “spending eight weeks in Oklahoma City for training,” (we knew this would happen since we started courting) it’s rather surreal to find ourselves on the other side of this mini milestone.

Even more surreal, is feeling like we have our whole lives ahead of us. With more than enough to keep my brain quite occupied up until this point, I honestly haven’t thought much farther than thru the end of April. (Don’t worry, Zach has. He’s definitely the more long-term, visionary thinker in our marriage, praise God!)

We’re making great time on the road! Currently 75ish miles from the Cali/Az border.


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