a tale of two shoes

image329779556.jpgI am alive! sorry for the silence. life has been pretty crazy with the move, apmt manager job and unpacking. more on all that later.

but about the packing.

in order to fit everything in our car for the trip back to california, we opted to use USPS and ship 3 boxes of stuff to ourselves: 2 boxes of books (yay for media rate!) and 1 box containing some of my clothes.

yesterday I wanted to wear my brown converse tennis shoes – which had been shipped. so I went digging through the box of clothes. about halfway down, I discovered the shoe on the left (in the picture above).

the shoe isn’t mine! and um, it’s also all alone. no pair. huh.

“so weird!” I thought, “how in the world did a random shoe get into my box??” but then I remembered the condition of the box upon arrival.

let’s just say that I bought the box at wal*mart. good news? they are cheap! bad news? they are cheap. upon delivery, the box had half a dozen strips of packing tape on one side that had definitely not been put on by me. it was obvious that the box had started to fall apart and the kind folks at the post office reinforced the box with tape so that it would make it all the way to my sierra madre apmt doorstep.

I’m guessing that another person apparently had the exact same situation (shipping clothing in a crappy box) and it fell apart at the same time mine did?? or maybe there is a special room at the post office transit warehouse for boxes needing to be “helped”? either way, a switch was somehow made. my box received someone else’s shoe.

oh, and someone else received one of my shoes. see the one on the right in the picture above? yeah, I can’t find it’s match. so sad. actually, it’s not all that sad. as cute as those shoes were [are?], I really didn’t wear them much.

I just hope the other someone’s shoes weren’t they’re favorite or anything. given most women’s propensity toward shoe love, that would be very sad indeed.


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