monday! monday!

this is my and Zach’s current favorite youtube video.

the original: “Friday” by Rebecca Black.  truly awful.    

horrendous, yes?  her voice is just atrocious. the kids can’t act.  they don’t even look old enough to drive!  and it’s pitiful how much attention is given to the front seat vs back seat dilemma.  really???  and a whole verse comprised of “yesterday was thursday / tomorrow is saturday.”  SERIOUSLY?!  and just when you thought the awfulness couldn’t get any worse, they throw in some famous(?) rapper to try and up the coolness.  can you say “desperate”?  unbelievable. 

and yet, without her terrible video, you wouldn’t have THIS gem of awesomeness: 

this had Zach and me both cracking up laughing.  and rather impressed! 
the video quality is better. 
the vocal quality is better. 
the content is actually more creative and substantial. 
(and they probably spent significantly less money making it!)
truly hilarious.

if this song was on itunes, i would buy it.  it’s already been stuck in my head for days!

props to these kids.  

“it’s Monday!  Monday!  i’m so glad it’s Monday!  5 super-fantastic days until the week-end!”


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