practicing for parenthood

last weekend zach and i watched nicole & jonathan’s 2 oldest girls overnight.  nicole = my cousin (practically a sister) and jonathan = zach’s best friend. and they married each other. and they played a large role in my and zach’s friendship, courtship, etc.  we love them.  and they have crazy-cute kids.  like, seriously crazy cute.  lyla is 3 and georgia is almost 2. 

anyway.  nicole&jonathan were celebrating jonathan’s birthday last friday and asked if we would be up for taking the girls overnight so they could have a quiet and lazy morning on saturday. (3-mo-old Bailey stayed with them)  zach and i were all too happy to oblige!  pretend to be parents for a night to two of the world’s most adorable children?? um, YES!

(please forgive the truly awful quality of the pictures.  it was nighttime and i was using my phone.  sorry.)

we picked the girls up around 6pm and headed straight to mcdonald’s.  🙂  after a quick dinner, we hit the road for disneyland!  the girls were pretty excited. 

first up, we got in line for “rockets” (AstroOrbitor – the Tomorrowland version of Dumbo, basically) but realized the line was way too long.  so we bailed and headed over to It’s A Small World.  or as lyla calls it, “the singing babies in the boats!”

they were great being toted around in their stroller:

after small world we headed to Dumbo.  or as georgia calls it, “DUM-doh!” they had temporarily closed Dumbo because the fireworks show was about to start.  no problem – the girls just hung tight in the stroller and enjoyed the show!

once Dumbo re-opened after the show, we got on pretty quickly. 
me and lyla before the ride started:

zach and georgie on Dumbo:

then it was back to Rockets:

last ride of the night was the Carrousel (“horses” to lyla):

it was so super cute watching zach with the girls – he’s going to make a wonderful daddy someday! 

the girls did awesome at the park and lasted until midnight! the thrill of the rides, the enchantment of the park, some glow sticks, animal crackers and fun water bottles (dollar store FTW!) kept them well distracted and occupied while waiting in line and/or in between rides. by 11:30pm, though there hadn’t been any meltdowns or fits, they were asking to lie down in the stroller.  taking that as a clear sign, we strapped them in and headed for the car.  following a tip from nicole, we got them all situated in pajamas and diapers before hitting the road so they could konk out on the drive home (which they did).  it was brilliant.  they had a great time, we had a great time, they were super stimulated and nicely worn out so they slept hard and long. 

the next morning they woke up around 7:45am and we all played amongst the fluffy blankets on our bed for awhile before actually getting up, getting dressed, eating some cereal, etc. 

naturally, a trip to starbucks was in order for me and zach.  then it was off to the car wash!  after running the car through the washer, we unbuckled the carseats and set them next to the car….with the girls still strapped in.  a couple “my little ponies” and a handful of animal crackers (again, dollar store awesomeness), not to mention the exhausting night prior, kept them calm and occupied in their seats while zach and i vacuumed and cleaned the interior of the car.  i wish i had thought to take a picture of that little scene, but no. 

some play time at a nearby park and then it was time for the cuties to go back to mom and dad.  i’m really not sure who had more fun – the girls or us!  granted, keeping 2 littles for one night is hardly the equivalent of “parenting,” so it’s not fully accurate to say that we were truly “practicing” when we really just got to enjoy the benefits of jon&nicole’s hard work. 😉  but it was a great experience and only increased our desire for children of our own.  🙂


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