i’m officially an aunt!

even though i’ve always considered myself an aunt to my beloved cousin’s children, as of yesterday, i am OFFICIALLY an aunt! my brother ryan and his wife jessica are proud parents of a baby boy – Weston Lambros!

after developing pre-eclampsia, they had to induce labor and get Weston a-coming 5 weeks early. but it was a safe delivery and mom and baby are doing great!

(thanks mom, for emailing me all the pictures!)

new parents:

baby weston:

aaaww! he’s my nephew! 

as you can see, they have already started the sports influence:

such a widdle guy:

beautiful grandma! (i think we’re calling her “Mimi”, right mom?)

excited grandpa! (dad, what IS your “title” going to be?)

bro, i can’t believe you’re a DADDY!

so grateful he’s here safe and healthy. congrats ryan and jess! i’m already counting down the days until i get to hold him myself!


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