i’ve been doing weekly baking for our church’s sunday morning “coffee cart.”  it’s been a really fun way for me to serve, get my baking fix each week and not be stuck with tons of baked goods taunting me from the kitchen counter, threatening to go bad and/or be wasted if i don’t eat them.    it’s also given me opportunity to search for and try out new recipes! 

here are 2 favorites i’ve come across:

1. Carrot Muffins/Cupcakes

the recipe is also for “white chocolate cream cheese frosting.”  sounds amazing, right?  well to be honest, i wouldn’t know! the muffins are super yummy all by themselves, that i didn’t bother even making the frosting!

2. Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Loaf 

the first time i tried to make this, it gave me all the signs of turning out amazing.  i was so excited!  i had greased AND floured the pan, the batter tasted heavenly (yes, i’m one of THOSE people), it smelled incredible as it cooked, all toothpicks inserted came out clean, etc. etc. etc.  but after letting it cool for the instructed 10 minutes, when i tried to turn it out onto a cooling rack: the bottom half stuck to the pan, thus causing it to break into multiple pieces (completely unsalvageable) AND there was a pool of completely raw batter in the middle!  apparently my toothpicks aren’t long enough?  i was sooooo bummed! 

but not bummed enough to give up!  the following week i tried again – this time cooking the batter in a 9×13 pan.  my thought was: by creating a less dense area for the “loaf” to cook in, maybe it would cook more evenly (and all the way through!).  it seemed to do the trick!  and it was most delicious, if i do say so myself. 



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