june 14th :)

june 14th.  one of my favorite days ever. 

3 years ago on june 14th —
after being friends for 5 years,
after liking him A LOT for one of those years,
after genuinely giving my desires over to the Lord and moving on,
after watching him grow from a boy to a man before my very eyes,
after realizing that i was so very happy and content and blessed to have him as a dear friend,
after realizing (48 hours before he asked me out) that i suddenly had fallen for him all over again,
after 48 hours of despairing that the return of such emotions would wreak havoc on what had been such a strong, healthy, wonderful friendship,
after two bloody hours of “casual” conversation and catching up over coffee,
after a heart-wrenching moment in my heart of giving up the last flicker of hope that he might, just might, ask me out,
after the perfect amount of waiting and growing and learning and maturing and praying and relinquishing and more praying and more waiting,
He asked. 

Zach Boomsma asked me to be his girlfriend.

even now, that day – that moment – still rival my wedding day as the happiest day of my life. 
(mostly because i knew that this was merely getting the ball rolling toward a wedding day đŸ˜‰ )

sometimes i still can’t believe he asked. 

and every day i’m even more happy that he did. 

Zach, thanks for becoming my best friend and then becoming my husband.  you are amazing as both. 

and i wouldn’t change my answer for anything. 

Picture taken the day after he asked:

(in my personal opinion, the way-too-long-and-detailed-for-the-blog version of this story is really fun.  ask me sometime if you want to hear it – i love telling it! hehe)


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