weekend getaway

a few weeks ago i surprised zach with a weekend away in newport beach.  why?  to celebrate “husband day.”  husband day is a holiday i created to just celebrate my husband in a uniquely special way each year.  kind of like giving him an extra birthday.  i chose june 29th as husband day partially because it’s nicely distanced from either of our birthdays (december and january) and our anniversary (september), and partially because it’s the day we first met back in 2003.  nothing really happened between us until a couple years later, but still.  it’s a fun day to remember.

anyway, this year i sneakily set aside some money and booked 2 nights at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach for the weekend prior to husband day.  let me tell you, keeping this whole thing a secret for an entire MONTH was agony.  “happy” secrets are always hardest for me to keep, and it’s even worse when i can’t even share them with my favorite person in the whole world!  i debated several times on whether or not to tell him so that we could enjoy the anticipation of the getaway together, and i almost cracked twice.  but in the end i stayed strong and knew that it would be worth it to wait.

that friday morning i hung a fun pennant banner announcing that we were celebrating that day (since it was 5 days early) and just told zach that when i picked him up from work that day i was taking him somewhere fun for dinner (which was technically true).

he drove and i navigated – right to the hotel.  he was soooo surprised!  it was so much fun!!

we checked in, got settled and relaxed a little bit before getting dressed and ready for our 8:00 reservations at Fleming’s Steakhouse!  that was the other half of the surprise – a really nice, expensive steak dinner.  ah, and it was one we will not soon forget.  the spreads that come with the pre-meal bread?  gah!  those alone are enough to make me go back.  we both got delicious filet mignon and there was absolutely no room for dessert.  although since we were celebrating, the restaurant gave us a small box of chocolate truffles to enjoy later. 

i have to admit, we kinda felt like posers.  the restaurant and the general area were quite affluent.  and well, we’re not.  i had worked a few “extra” jobs and saved up for this weekend – it’s not like this was our normal lifestyle (like it obviously was for many of the people around us).  yet here we were walking around in our knock-off clothes from Target like we belonged.  we just laughed and enjoyed it.

saturday morning we slept in late (gotta love those crazy hotel curtains that practically block out the sun) and got starbucks for breakfast.  we both wanted to just relax and soak in the gorgeous weather, so naturally we headed for the beach!  we packed a few drinks and snacks in a mini ice chest and headed out to find a used bookstore to see if we could snag some fun beach books.  we found Camelot Books where we picked up:

(for me)


(for zach)

after sitting on the a beach for less than 10 minutes before being driven away by swarms of seaweed flies, we decided that plan B – the hotel pool – was good enough for us!

and because i’m totally lame at taking pictures, this is pretty much the only one i have with our faces in it:

we spent nearly 4 hours just sitting by the pool and reading.  it was amaaaazzzing.  exactly what we both needed! 

sunday morning we visited Sovereign Grace Church of Orange County, where – surprise, surprise!  one of my old “bosses” from gilbert was preaching – steve shank!  it was fun to see him and to be with the folks down in OC (i’d yet to visit that church, although zach had been quite a few times).

sunday afternoon we enjoyed several hours at a different beach (with no flies).  despite my protests about the water being cold and the ocean freaking me out, zach managed to convince me to go swim and play in the waves with him.  i love how my husband knows me so well – once i got out there i had SO much fun!!  later on the afternoon we were joined by the rest of the boomsma family for “family night” around a bonfire right on the beach.  the younger sisters and zach & i went back out for a 2nd round of swimming in the waves before eating open-fire-cooked hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner.  the beach got rather windy as the sun went down so we bailed early, packed up and headed to starbucks before driving home. 

it was SUCH a fantastic weekend of relaxing, being together, enjoying amazing weather and just getting away from the normal routine of life for a few days.  it was exactly what zach (and i) needed.  yay for husband day!


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