shakespeare by the sea

last night we had boomsma family night (minus paige, who had to work, boo) down in newport beach attending an outdoor production of shakespeare’s “much ado about nothing.”  the non-profit group, shakespeare by the sea, puts on free shows in various parks and outdoor venues throughout southern california.  you come early with a picnic dinner, sit on blankets or lawn chairs in the grass and enjoy the production.  the evening ended up being considerably colder than we had anticipated, but we still had a great time! (reminded me of the southwest shakespeare company plays i attended in high school/college at the mesa ampitheatre – shoutout to those of you who remember those!) 

last christmas, my in-laws had given us this awesome picnic backpack for occasions such as this – i was thrilled to be able to use it for the first time!

(i’m also looking forward to using it again in a month or so when we see Disney’s Fantasia at the Hollywood Bowl!)

the cast (who also doubled as the crew) setting up:

over 1200 people showed up for the production! 


enjoying the evening… (and not looking at the camera, apparently?)

the production:

it was a decent show (despite my really awful phone picture, sorry)!  the actor who played Dogberry (the fool) was quite hilarious and entertaining, especially with his improvisational comments when a toddler from the audience started attempting to climb the set.  he definitely stole the show.


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