Lambros Family Mini Vacation

last weekend Zach & I enjoyed joining my parents, brother + wife & baby Weston on the first ever, extended Lambros Family vacation since Ryan and myself have both gotten married. 

my parents were able to get a small condo down in Imperial Beach (south side of San Diego) through a friend-of-a-friend for a long weekend.  zach and i drove down for 2 of the 4 nights my parents were there. what a wonderful time it was!  there’s just something about beachside accommodation that says “vacation” to me.  

vacation is: being with people you love

obviously, going anywhere with My Love is the best!

plus we got to love on this little guy – the newest member of the family.  he definitely did not lack for any attention:

vacation is: beach time!

the 3 men spent several hours in the water boogie-boarding and catching waves…




we girls stayed on the shore…

zach was inspired to build a sandcastle…

naturally, a trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete if andrea didn’t get sunburned.
no sunscreen + 15 minutes of cloudy sun =

sigh.  bring on the aloe vera.

vacation is: sharing space (haha)
while we were all very grateful for the wonderful deal my parents got on the condo, i think we were also grateful that it was only for a long weekend that we shared this space:

(parents had the bedroom while the “kids” had the main living room.  we managed ok with 1 bathroom but there were definitely several “um, let me use the bathroom before you get in the shower” moments, haha)

vacation is: not having to do the dishes (for me, anyway)
shoutout to my dad who was the self-appointed dishwashing KING.  we don’t have a dishwasher in our apartment so doing dishes is a regular part of my daily life.  dad’s heart to serve the family by doing round after round of dishes was a particular blessing to me.  thanks dad – you totally rock!

vacation is: gorgeous views

from the upstairs deck…

as the sun went down (love the instagram app!)…

vacation is: borrowing your sister-in-law’s wiener dog pajama shorts because you don’t want your own pajama pants to touch your sunburned legs

also? having your husband cook up french toast, scramble eggs, make his best-i’ve-ever-had chocolate chip cookies, and grill burgers.  thanks for all the wonderful cooking you did, babe!

vacation is: not having many pictures of mom, because she was always behind the camera taking sweet shots of everyone else…

thanks for inviting us to join you all, Mom & Dad – we had a blast.  already looking forward to next year’s family vacation! i vote:longer stay, bigger condo, same great weather, same delicious food and same dearly loved family.  (and maybe by then there will be a cousin for Weston!)

can’t wait!


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