Pinterest Projects

if you haven’t yet heard me rave about Pinterest, then we probably aren’t even friends.  i feel like i tell everyone i know about the awesomeness that is Pinterest.  i discovered it about 6 months ago and blogged about it here (brief description can be found in that blog post as well).

i tell people that Pinterest has changed my life.  and in some measure, i’m actually serious.

i’ve never been a “creative” person in the sense that i can look at random items that you’d never think would go together, put them together, and have amazing results.  i’m awful at creating something out of nothing.  as a child, a blank piece of paper and a box of crayons were terrifying to me.  i always drew the exact same picture. 

however, i am a HUGE do-it-yourself kind of person.  when i see things in stores that i like, if my first thought isn’t, “i could make that.” than it’s, “how can i make that myself?”  i’m a shameless copycat.  and the internet world explodes with inspiration and images just waiting to be copied – if they’re not straight up telling you HOW to copy it! 

thus, Pinterest.  it is a website MADE for storing all the ideas you see online that you want to try yourself.  the images provide consistent and constant inspiration and the links usually connect you to a tutorial/recipe/instructions.  it’s like having a fun to-do list, the beautiful finished product to inspire you, AND the means to create it!

seriously.  it’s amazing.  and it motivates me to actually MAKE things, instead of just gathering all sorts of cool ideas that i never get around to doing. 

my blog has had far too many long silences.  since i’ve been having fun giving some of my time to several of these Pinterest-based projects, i’m planning to populate several blog posts with pictures of these projects. 

here’s are a few simple things i’ve done based on pictures/tutorials i’ve seen on Pinterest:

what i saw on Pinterest:

what i made:

what i found on Pinterest:

here it is on me:

fell in love with this pillow on Pinterest.  Poppies are me and my Mom’s special flower together.  so when i saw this, i knew i HAD to make it for her:

here’s the one i made:

how fun is this??

i had a blast re-creating if for the 4th of July:

i currently have a nice list of “achievable” projects that i’m hoping to work on over the next couple weeks.  i’ll post more pictures as i complete them!

if you’re interested in viewing my Pinterest boards, click here.

or, if you’d like me to send you an invite (this often speeds up the process vs requesting an account from the main page), let me know!

seriously, i can talk all day about how amazing and fun this website is, but you can’t truly appreciate it until you’ve tried it yourself.

(and for any of you thinking, “no really, i don’t need another internet time-sucker,” i understand.  but personally, i haven’t found it nearly as addicting as facebook, etc.  the sheer volume of images and “pins” actually decreases the pressure for me to be on it all the time.  i go on when i feel like browsing for fun ideas and inspiration and leave it alone when i don’t have time for projects.)


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