Pinterest Project – Mason Jars

apparently mason jars are all the rage right now.  they are all OVER pinterest. 

for decoration:

for drinking glasses:


in the bathroom:

and lots of other ways.  including in the kitchen!

after seeing how my sister in law and mother in law both started using mason jars to store “the staples” (flour, sugar, etc), i was inspired to do the same.  (no surprises here, i’ve already admitted to being a shameless copycat)

i have this “cart” in the corner of my kitchen that i thought would look really nice filled with labeled mason jars.  and i have to say, i’m thrilled with how they turned out!


i created the labels on my computer and printed them out.  once printed, i cut along the curvy edges and glued them onto rectangles of black & white scrapbook paper.  i fastened the ribbon onto the jar, stuck the label on the front with tape, and then placed a long strip of clear packing tape over the entire thing, sealing the paper and the ribbon against moisture, dust, and misc food stuffs that might soil them during use.  a stroke of brilliance, if i do say so myself. 

just a few more projects and then the living room + kitchen will be finished!


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