the hollywood bowl

ah, the hollywood bowl.  such a cool venue.  so LA. 

the hollywood bowl also has special memories for me with zach as well.  we saw a show there in august of 2008, shortly after we had started courting.

august 9, 2008: Les Miserables in concert

since the day zach and i started courting, we pretty much knew we would end up marrying each other.  🙂  however, i have a very distinct memory of driving home from that evening at the hollywood bowl, his arm around me and my head resting on his chest/shoulder and knowing in that moment that i was absolutely sure, beyond a shadow of any doubt, that THAT was where i wanted to spend the rest of my days: by his side.  ::happysigh::

almost exactly 1 year later, we were back at the hollywood bowl for another memory.  but this time we were engaged and the next day zach and i drove a uhaul back to phoenix and moved him into what would be our first apartment.  it was 6 weeks before our wedding and we couldn’t have been any more thrilled to no longer be living 400 miles away from each other.

july 30, 2009: LA Philharmonic Orchestra performing selections by Beethoven & Dvorak

it’s been 2 years since that last trip to the hollywood bowl.  last night we went again – this time married.  and not just married, but happily settled and living here in pasadena with zach working his dream career and me living my dream of staying at home full time! 

we were actually there this time with the whole Boomsma family as a special Family Night.

august 21, 2011: LA Philharmonic Orchestra performing Disney’s Fantasia

we tried for some cute smoochie pictures, but The Husband preferred to be a little silly… haha

we got to use our handy-dandy picnic backpack set again!  i LOVE this thing!  i felt very french as we dined on crackers, salami, cheese, grapes, wine, and chocolate.  call us crazy, but it’s one of our favorite picnic meals.

such a fantastic venue… outdoors… surrounded by beautiful hills… if you look closely, you can just make out the white “Hollywood” letters on the distant mountain in the top right corner of this picture:

the orchestra performed several selections from the original Disney’s Fantasia (Rite of Spring, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, etc), plus treated the audience to several selections that were cut from the final product, had been left unfinished, and/or had served as inspiration for Walt Disney, including Debussy’s Clair de Lune and a couple selections from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker – 2 of my favorites!  

and if the evening wasn’t delightful enough, there were fireworks at the end!  i find fireworks positively enchanting.  my face and eyes light up like a child when i see them. 

::happy sigh::


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