more project fun

seems like my life has been revolving around craft and home projects lately.  that and cleaning.  šŸ™‚  we’re finally getting around to full unpacking and organizing the random piles and boxes of stuff in the 2nd bedroom.  only took us 5 months. 

i’ve also been chipping away at random little projects that make me smile as i see them add to the warmth and homey-ness of our little apartment. 

i saw this on pinterest ages ago and loved the idea.

for ours, i used a frame we already had, printed the words & heart onto scrapbook paper i also already had, so all i had to purchase were dry erase markers. i love how it turned out!

i saw a tutorial for a button bracelet:

and thought it would look really cute used as a headband!  so i made mine with white buttons and bought several different colors of ribbon that i can change out to match whatever outfit i’m wearing. 

this wasn’t necessarily a craft/pinterest project, but i makes me smile every time i walk into our bedroom.  i’m a huge fan of vinyl lettering on the wall – an inexpensive and easy way to “decorate” that still looks very classy and professional.  you may remember that i had put up letters in our arizona apartment.  knowing that we would be moving, i picked up this new set last christmas and have been eagerly waiting to put them up in our pasadena apartment!

next up – finishing the 2nd bedroom and spray painting candlesticks! 


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