candlestick canisters!

i have been eager to work on and finish this project for WEEKS!

as soon as i saw this picture on pinterest:

i KNEW it was exactly what i needed to go on the window shelf in the living room!  i wanted something with a little bit of height, plus a bit of elegance and also that wasn’t static.  i wanted to be able to decorate/change them from season to season.  these candlestick canisters were the PERFECT solution.

the tutorial online said that they did the whole thing for under $20.  ha.  that so did not happen.  mostly because we don’t have a Hobby Lobby here.  tragic, i know.  so after searching at Michaels, JoAnns, thrift stores, Ross, Marshalls and Pier 1, i finally found the clear canisters i wanted at Cost Plus World Market for $5 each.  the candlesticks, however, were a different story.  i ended up having to order them online – paying about $3.50 each plus $7 in shipping (always kind of cracks me up when you pay more in shipping than for some of your actual items).  the little knobs on top i did find at Michaels for a couple bucks and i ditched the ribbon and letters for mine.  i also painted mine black instead of brown to match our current decor. i already had the spray paint so that was one expense i was spared for this project.

i have to say – i am THRILLED with how they turned out!!!

here they are finished and waiting to be filled:

and here they are all prettied up for Fall! (plus the other half of the shelf, for a complete look)

even though i really consider september a transition month, and in my mind it isn’t officially Fall until October, i just couldn’t leave these babies empty for a whole month.  i was way too excited about them! i am, however, holding off on enjoying a starbucks pumpkin spice latte until October 1st.  on principle.  but i digress…

i’m already looking forward to filling them with Christmas-y things after Thanksgiving (like cranberries or mini ornament balls or pine cones or mini candy canes), white things for January (fake carnations or white candy or candles or maybe a touch of blue or silver for “winter”?), red&white&pink things for February (candy or fake flower petals or doilies or 3D paper hearts), brightly colored things for Easter/Spring (jelly beans/candy eggs or mini origami blow-out boxes or kumquats with fake grass in the bottom) and red&white&blue things for Summer/4th of July!

hey, i’m taking suggestions too – let me know if you have any “filler” ideas!  (i’m kicking around the idea of a goldfish… but wondering if the canister is too small…)


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