life update

i realized that i’ve posted random fun things and pictures over the last several months, but no real update on life.  so here you go.  warning: it’s lengthy.  sorry, conciseness as never been my strong suit.  πŸ™‚

zach’s job
zach continues to LOVE working as an air traffic controller.  it truly is the perfect career choice for him.  his brain just GETS it.  he’s currently at a small, non-commercial airport tower about 7 miles south of where we live.  looks kind of like this:

upon arrival, there are 3 levels of certification for him to train in and then “check out” on before being fully certified as an ATC: flight data, ground control and local control.  he has passed the first 2 levels with flying colors and is nearly finished with the 3rd level.  he has enjoyed a very nice schedule thus far as well.  the airport itself is only open from 8am to 8pm, so he never works earlier or later than those hours.  and since he’s still technically in training, his scheduled work days need to correspond with his specific trainers, which have been Monday – Friday, giving him weekends off.  the consistency has been so nice.  his schedule will most likely change once he’s fully certified.  but the good news is, he might get to move to a four 10s schedule (work four 10-hour days and have 3 days off – we’re just praying that if he is able to get that schedule, that he won’t have to work on sundays. that would be a deal breaker for switching to a four 10s schedule.)  this small airport has been a great starting point for him.  eventually he’d like to transfer and gain some experience working at a TRACON facility (the kind of ATC that works in an enclosed room staring at a screen with blinking green lights and directing airplanes in a further vicinity than just the local airport).  kind of like this:

my non-job
haha, well that’s not exactly true.  i am technically “working” part time as the manager at the apartment building where we live.  in exchange for deeply discounted rent, i collect rent monies, forward maintenance requests on to the office, enforce the rules, take care of renting and paperwork when we have vacancies, clean the laundry room, etc.  there are only 14 units total at our building so most days it’s not a huge task.  although we have definitely had our share of tenant drama, let me tell you!  we inherited a building that had undergone several years of poor management prior to our arrival, so there has been a sense of “turning of the Titanic” for the last several months.  most of the tenants have responded well, but some have not.  thankfully, nearly all of the “problem” tenants are on their way out either by their own choice or as a consequence of poor choices (ie – causing them to be evicted).  some days it can feel stressful to just be at home (since this is where my “work” is), but most days it is quiet and simple.  and every day i’m reminded of what a huge blessing and provision from the Lord this opportunity is. 

i LOVE LOVE LOVE not working full time outside of the home. my days are filled with all manner of homemaking – making zach’s lunch, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, errands, decorating…  and while i did most of these tasks while working full time in arizona, it’s been so nice to do them at a slower pace during the day, instead of squeezing them into lunch breaks, evenings or taking up weekend time with zach.  as you’ve probably already seen here on the blog, i’ve been having a blast filling my time with all sorts of crafts, decorations and baking endeavors.  spending more time in the kitchen has definitely been something i’ve been loving lately.  the church here has a “coffee cart” on sunday mornings between services with coffee and light refreshments provided.  what started as “hey would you be interested in making some home baked goodies for easter sunday?” turned into “hey why don’t i just keep baking for the coffee cart each week?”  it’s proved to be a perfect fit for me.  i get to try all sorts of new and fun recipes, get my baking fix each week withOUT having to keep all the baked goods in my house, and it’s a place for me to serve! 

not working has also allowed me to spend time with my cousin nicole and her precious girlies.  sometimes we go to the pediatrician:
(Bailey is missing from the pic b/c she was strapped to me as i took it, haha)

or sometimes i take the girls out for the morning so nicole can get work done:

(full blog post dedicated to spending time with my “nieces” here.)

or i’m available to take a friend to a dr appointment, to the airport, fill in at the church office, etc.  as a friend from arizona once called it – i have “the gift of availability.”  it’s awesome.

married life
married life continues to be a dream come true for both of us.  a special shout-out to all the couples who told us “it gets better every day.”  that has proved so true for us.  i never knew my heart could feel like it might explode with love for my husband, and then the next day somehow increase in that capacity.  and i just love seeing zach so happy all trotting off to work at a job he loves, providing for me/us.  it’s so manly!

we love just living normal life together.  home cooked meals in the evenings, brown bag lunches lovingly packed and sent off with the hard working husband, miscellaneous projects, going to church together, talking about the sermon, walking around the corner to the local starbucks on a cool evening…  one of our favorite “date nights” is going to disneyland for a few hours.  since we have annual passes, it practically feels “free” each time we go.  typically i will pick zach up from work after an “early shift” (8a-4p) and we’ll drive down to disneyland, try a new spot for dinner, walk around holding hands, see a show, ride a couple rides and then head home.  ::happy sigh::

starting a family
as fantastic as it has been to have this season of availability and “freedom,” i must confess, i feel quite ready to move on to the season of motherhood.   as many of you may already know, we actually conceived back in july.  but 1 week after finding out that i was pregnant, i miscarried.  the timing of it all was the most difficult thing.  i had arrived in phoenix that morning for a visit and began miscarrying that afternoon.  back in pasadena, zach had come home from work early because he was sick.  so he was “stuck” at the apartment with no cell coverage and it took several hours before i was able to get ahold of him.  it was very rough to walk through that while being apart.  but if i had to be anywhere else besides with zach, at least i was with my own parents and in my hometown.  God was so kind to allow me to be surrounded by my family and friends who overwhelmed me with care through prayers, phone calls, text messages, dropping by for a hug, and even paying for me to change my flight and go back to california so zach and i could be together as soon as possible.  we were sad to no longer be pregnant, but we were also so very aware of God’s kindness to us through it all.  it was a very early term miscarriage, which meant that my body was able to process it on its own without medical procedures, etc.  we also knew that early term miscarriages are not uncommon and we felt that God had really prepared our hearts to walk through this even before it happened. we are doing great and eagerly hoping and praying that God will bless us with children soon!

so that’s the latest from our corner of the world.  we live a pretty simple life and we love it.  God is so good.


2 thoughts on “life update

  1. Hey there friend! I’m so very sad to hear about your miscarriage. I can’t imagine going thru something like that, and without my husband by my side! It seems you’re taking it very well. praise God! I am thinking of you and praying for another miracle to come along very soon!! πŸ™‚ enjoy this season. Motherhood is wonderful but time alone is a thing of the past πŸ™‚ miss you!

  2. Wow, after reading your post on your miscarriage – I can really relate. I miscarried at 4 weeks. I had my husband with me the day that I went to the hospital — and I could not imagine having to have went through it without him there with me. I was so unhappy and so distraught – but through it all I too had to realize that God has a bigger better plan for my husband and I and we are both praying God will bless us with our own family.

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