december part I

december was an insane month for us.  the month kicked off with a massive wind storm that took down hundreds of power lines all across the greater LA area leaving thousands of residents and businesses without power for anywhere from 2 hours to 5+ days.  it was nuts.  our apartment building was without power from wednesday night around 10:30pm until the early hours of sunday morning.  i discovered very quickly that candles are a good thing to have on hand.  even just tea lights.  also?  the flashlight app on my iphone.  it’s a good thing.  other than the power being out, the only real damage to our building was in the parking area.  the 90+ mph winds blew the roof off of the covered parking like it was tin foil. 

do not be deceived – that sheeting was HEAVY.  nearly impossible to move.  thank God for the maintenance guys who came later that night and removed it so the rest of my tenants could get their cars out.  thankfully, we park on the other side.  our car was untouched and we were able to access our parking.  my cousin nicole let me store my perishable food items in her fridge, which was a huge blessing since i had JUST gone grocery shopping the day before!  driving around was almost surreal.  the landscape looked like a war zone.  trees and debris were strewn everywhere, stop lights were bent or broken in half, gigantic trees were downed right in the middle of the street.  roads were closed all over and city workers worked around the clock to get things back in order.  trying to get from point A to point B was an adventure and took double the time simply because of the closed roads and subsequent traffic.  even the airport tower [where zach works] was powerless for 2 days until a generator got them up and running for 2 more days before full power was restored.  for us, the whole ordeal was inconvenient at worst – others had much more damage or difficulty as a result of the storm.  even in the midst of it, we had much to be grateful for!

after the excitement from the had storm settled down, the following couple of weeks were a whirlwind of both fun, festive activities and a bazillion errands and things to get done.  plus i had (still have, actually) 3 vacancies at my building which means open house every weekend, updating craigslist, fielding lots of phone calls, etc.  regretfully, i don’t feel like the month was very peaceful.  i specifically took on too much and ended up feeling more frantic more days than not.  it wasn’t all bad, but i am already thinking about how that can be different next year. 

but back to the fun things!

we got a tree!

zach is in charge of lights, and i do ornaments. 

these ornaments are all ones that my mom has given me each year for the last 10+ years:

i also had a blast decorating our little apartment!

front window:

atop the bookcases in our living room:

kitchen table:

i also squeezed in a couple christmas craft projects.

countdown clipboard:

burlap stockings:

i ran out of time to actually finish the christmas quilt i started back in january (got too caught up in Fall projects), so i just finished the top and tacked it to the wall.  i’ll do the middle, back, binding and quilting in anticipation of christmas 2012.  🙂

zach’s birthday was the 9th.  naturally, we went to disneyland.  🙂  disneyland during christmas is pretty magical.

we did a family celebration too, where zach got to open his “big” present – a bomber jacket!  it was a joint gift from my family, his family and some friends.

(technically this isn’t the actual jacket.  there was a very frustrating backorder saga that i will spare you all.  this was just a stand-in jacket so he’d have something to open.  THIS is the actual jacket and it should be arriving in the mail next week!)

i carried on the tradition of my grammy and my mom and made spritz cookies all on my own this year using the awesome antique press that my mom gave me as a wedding present. 8 hours and 8 batches of cookies yielded plenty for me to give to my tenants, family, friends and of course, retain some for me and zach! 

alrighty, December Part II coming soon (along with My Best Friend’s Wedding and 2012 Resolutions/Goals).  stay tuned!


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