december part II – christmas!

christmas morning arrived and we (me & zach) had the morning to ourselves.  we drank coffee, ate cinnamon rolls and opened presents! 

zach insisted on spoiling me this year.    he got me a kitchenaid!

he bought it “used” online to save some money (these suckers are ex-pen-sive!).  the seller comments said “slight signs of wear and tear.”  um, they must have been referring to the cracked styrofoam packaging, because this black beauty is brand spankin’ new!  the zip tie was still on the plug, which means it had never even been plugged in before!  score!

he also got me boots!

i’m typically about 5 years behind the fashion curve.  i know, i know.  zach had suggested that i get a pair of boots back when we first started courting.  it has literally taken me this long to warm up to the idea.  (moving to LA definitely helped!)  this fall season i decided that i was ready to buy boots.  naturally, we agreed that i should get a good pair (translate: expensive).  hence, it became a christmas gift.  i love them and am having fun pairing them with various outfits. 

zach’s “big” gift from me was a set of .50 caliber metal ammo cannisters:

he’s planning to secure them to the sides of his motocycle in place of “saddlebags.”  i had a considerably smaller budget to spend on my husband (because he’s crazy sweet that way), so i got him a bunch of little fun things to go along with the ammo cans. 

we spent christmas afternoon at the in-laws eating delicious food, laughing & talking and of course, opening MORE presents.  (sorry, i forgot to take pictures.)  since i bring the family to 8 people total, plus Tami’s mom and sister were in town, we draw names for gifts.  this year Tami’s sister suggested adding an extra challenge: in addition to the “regular” gift, you had to give an additional small gift that was found at a thrift store (and was less than $10).  i think this became the highlight of the day – it was so fun to see what awesome finds everyone came up with!  i have a feeling the thrift store gift might become a regular tradition for us. 

we traveled to arizona the week after christmas to visit my family (and also for my best friend’s wedding – separate post on that coming up next!).  naturally we devoted much time and energy to loving on my adorable nephew.

giving him a “new” bottle, hee hee:

playing piano with Uncle B:

even though i said back at Thanksgiving that i wasn’t going to buy the baby a present – i mean, he’s only 9 months old – i broke down and got him one. of course.

how could i resist this outfit for such a handsome boy??

again, i took zero pictures of anything else.  except my dad’s gift.  mostly because i was so excited about it!  he recently accepted a coaching job, so in trying to think of a gift for him, i stumbled across a custom sports products website where i got to create this:
(bonus – the back side is a dry erase surface diagram of a basketball court sketching out plays!)

despite the insanity of the weeks leading up the christmas, we had a really nice and low-key holiday just enjoying family and food and relaxing. 


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