fun wedding present

oops, i forgot to include this picture of me and raigan in the previous post about her wedding. 


looking for a cool wedding present idea? wreaths for every holiday/season!  after seeing nicole do this for timarie, i got all excited and decided to do this for raigan as a wedding present.  i made 6 wreaths for her to use throughout the year!  because i mean, when you first get married, it’s super fun to set up your home and especially to decorate for holidays.  but for many people – myself included – the time, money or resources aren’t necessarily available to get all into every single holiday and/or season.  but having just a simple wreath to put on your door or on the wall can be a fun way of at least acknowledging the holiday, right? i totally would have loved to have this when i first got married!

i had so much fun searching online (translate: pinterest) for ideas and inspiration and then tweaking them to fit certain holidays. the supplies were pretty inexpensive (some i already had and the rest i bought here and there using coupons, etc.), and the wreaths themselves really didn’t take too long to make.  each one can be completed in an afternoon.

here are the finished products!

Valentine’s Day:

(scrapbook paper, wire and red raffia – tutorial here. i hot glued thin floral wire around the outside and then glued raffia to cover the wire so the wreath had more stability and held it’s round shape better.)

St Patrick’s Day:

(green felt cut into wavy strips and hot glued onto a straw-bound wreath – inspiration here.)


(silk flowers + wooden letters hot glued onto a grapevine wreath – inspired by this image.)

Memorial Day – 4th of July – Labor Day:

(yarn wrapped around a styrofoam wreath + felt sticker stars – inspiration here. in hindsight i should have used a straw bound wreath base instead of styrofoam.  oh well.)


(felt strips rolled into circles and hot glued onto a grapevine wreath – inspired by this image.)


(simple ornament balls strung and arranged on a wire hanger – tutorial here)


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