my “25th” birthday

soooo i had a birthday a couple weeks ago.  did i tell you that i decided to turn 25?  ok ok technically i turned 29.  something about being born in 1983 makes it 29. 

see, my cousin nicole had a big 30th birthday last august.  and her younger sister, becky, who would be turning 28 the following month, told her, “you know, i think i’m just going to turn 30 this year with you.  i mean, i’ve got 3 kids, i drive them to school, do homework with them, etc. my life is way more like that of a 30 year old soccer mom.  it just makes sense.  so i’m turning 30 with you this year.”

it made me think.  my life is really more like that of a 25 year old, you know?  only been married 2 years, no babies yet, my husband is beginning his career… in many ways it feels like my adult life is just starting – ha!  not to mention, i definitely LOOK more like 25 than nearly 30 (thanks mom & dad!).  when someone asks how old i am (not like it happens that often!), i find myself answering, “twenty niiiiiii-aahh wait a second.  that doesn’t sound right.  i think there’s a math error somewhere…”  but “twenty-five” just seems to come out so naturally.  it just makes sense.  so i decided to turn 25 this year. 

my best friend, raigan sent me this hilariously awesome and apropos card:

(i love how the ladies on the front look like Lucy & Ethel)

so for my “25th”, we went to disneyland.  of course.  it’s what we do. 

i got my picture taken with several fun characters!


aurora (sleeping beauty):

& minnie mouse:

over by sleeping beauty’s castle we found snow white and the seven dwarfs:

this cute little guy:

and snow white’s wishing well:

we went on thunder mountain railroad:

my husband humored me by going on silly symphony swings.  call me silly, but it’s one of my favorites.  i feel like a little kid on that ride.  and i grin like one the whole time! 

we also went on zach’s favorite ride – toy story mania.  only waited 20 minutes – normally it’s 2+ hours!  gotta love disneyland mid-week and mid-day!

cute photo op in california adventure near the wine country trattoria:

and another one in the hollywood back lot:

we came back from disneyland in time to meet up with jonathan & nicole and patrick & natalie at the melting pot for a dinner of cheese and chocolate.  talk about a blast!  seems like every time the 6 of us hang out all we do is laugh till our sides hurt, create hilarious memories and develop inside jokes.

it was a great birthday!  happy 25th to me! 


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