2012 Goals for Growth (Resolutions)

this is actually the first year that i can remember making “official” resolutions. i was never into them before.  but for some reason, this year i got all excited about actually formulating some goals for growth in 2012.  it might have had something to do with having a 6 hour car ride back to pasadena during which Zach and I had some great conversations about hopes, dreams, ideas and goals for 2012. 

so here are my 2012 resolutions:

* incorporate journaling back into my morning devotions.  i’m not necessarily one of those people who processes things by writing them down.  actually, i’m decidedly NOT one of those people.  i need to talk it out (which is partly why it’s not uncommon to see me “talking to myself,” but i digress…).  despite this, i have found that jotting down a few thoughts on what i read in my bible each morning helps it “stick.”  stick in my memory and stick in my heart.  i think it’s that whole “2 means of absorption = greater retention” thing.  it’s definitely true for me.  and i have slacked in this area.  and i have felt the effects.  so as part of my desire to grow more through my personal devotions, i am picking up a journal again.  how convenient that my cousin gave me a really cute one for christmas!

* listen to a sermon each week.  you know how you can be reading a book, “read” 3 full paragraphs and suddenly realize that you have no idea what you just read because your mind was somewhere else?  that’s how i am with listening to sermons while driving.  or cleaning. or doing just about anything.  i’m a royal multitasker and my brain is always going.  so listening to – and benefiting from – sermons has to be more of a disciplined activity for me.  current plan: go on a nice long walk on thursday mornings while listening to a sermon.  i’m currently enjoying this series on the life of Joseph by Sinclair Ferguson (starts on 9/3/11 and goes through 12/24/11).

* read 1 “fun” (translate: fiction) book AND 1 “growth” (translate: spiritual or nonfiction) book per month.  for some of you, making “reading” a resolution may seem silly.  and for those of you who know me, it might seem even more silly.  i was an AVID reader growing up.  but i have become a crazy, task-driven, multitasking, can’t-sit-still, my-husband-is-proud-when-i-take-a-day-OFF kind of adult who hasn’t made much time for reading lately.  and that makes me sad.  plus, i also want to grow through my reading – not just reading fun, brain-candy type stuff.  hence the addition of a personal growth book.

* blog more!  my goal is once/week.  i really enjoy blogging.  possibly even more so now that i live in another state than all of my family and many of my friends.  so it’s a fun way for me to share snippets of my life.  and i just like it.  🙂

* pray + send cards.  this is one i’m particularly excited about.  as i was putting away all the christmas decorations, i found myself staring at the pile of christmas cards we’d received and a bit reluctant to just throw them away.  and then – i had an apostrophe (name that movie!) which morphed into this resolution.  every monday i randomly select a christmas card picture from the pile and stick it on the fridge.  then throughout the week, zach and i pray for that particular couple/family.  i’m also combining it with another desire of mine: to mail out more handwritten cards to friends.  i LOVE getting a random, handwritten card in the mail from a friend.  don’t you??  so also on mondays, once i’ve put the card/picture on the fridge, i sit down and write a card to that couple/family letting them know that we are praying for them that week.  (actually, i have to confess – this idea isn’t all my own.  my parents did something similar with my brother and i growing up.  we would select a card from the basket each evening and pray for that family before bed. so thanks for the awesome idea, mom & dad! i’m excited to carry it on!) 

hmmm as i read back over these i’m seeing a common thread: s-l-o-w-i-n-g  d-o-w-n.  ha!  this wasn’t an intentional theme, although i have been telling zach lately that i need/want to slow down.  the last 2 months have been more busy than i think was best for me/us.  and i’m ready to be done with that. 

and just for the record, even though this post is coming at the beginning of february, i did begin working on these in january. 

zach and i also talked about how we want to grow together, in our relationship, more intentionally this year.  the first 18 months of our marriage were a little whirlwind and even since getting to pasadena, it’s been a mini whirlwind with getting settled, apartment managing and zach’s new job. 

this year zach has a fantastic new schedule – four 10-hr days of work (Wed-Sat) followed by 3 days off (Sun-Tues)!  we have designated tuesdays as “our” day to sleep in, do fun things together, usually followed by a date night.    and since we live in such a cool place (LA County), we made a list of things in the Pasadena/LA area that we want to try and do this year.  which has me especially excited because upon moving here, i resolved to not be *that* person who lives in a place surrounded by really cool stuff but never sees/does any of it.

Our 2012 LA List  🙂

(and we’re also hoping that God will add a jr boomsma to our family in 2012.  we’re praying and would love for you to pray with/for us too!)

here’s to 2012!


One thought on “2012 Goals for Growth (Resolutions)

  1. All very good resolutions/goals! Reading is a constant discipline for me too; so easy to get caught up on the “to do” list and not slow down and gather fresh ideas via books.Your list of LA outings sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to read about your adventures and see pictures!

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