january’s reading

in my previous post i mentioned that one of my goals for this year was to read more. 

specifically 1 “fun/fiction” book and 1 “growth/non-fiction” book. 

so here’s what i read in january:

fiction – Soon Be Free by Lois Ruby

i actually picked this book up on a whim at a random going-out-of-business sale.  historical fiction is my favorite genre and i read several books like this (civil war / mid-1800s era) in jr high and high school.  despite being juvenile fiction, it piqued my curiosity and was only $2 so why not?  it was… mediocre.  nothing impressive.  the historical story was pretty average, but then had this bizarre twist at the end where, at the climax of the story, in order to secure the freedom of the runaway slaves the young boy was helping, he traded a native american’s right to US land.  um, ok?  not what i was expecting, especially as the climax and the “secret” behind the whole story.  nothing against native americans, and i know there has always been controversy surrounding their rights to various parts of US land, but this came out of nowhere.  nothing along those lines was mentioned in the story until the very end.  whatever.  read it randomly for fun.  ::shrug::

nonfiction: God Promises You by C.H. Spurgeon

i received this book as a gift several years back but never read it.  my church is currently going through a series in Genesis.  my pastor made a statement about how living by faith is understanding the promises of God and living in light of them (as opposed to living based on what we see/feel).  i thought that this book would complement what i was hearing on Sunday mornings.

confession: i slacked big time when it came to reading this and actually ended up reading the entire 2nd half of the book in the last 5 days of january.  haha!  i almost blew it off, but then had a rush of resolve and decided to plow through and make it happen.  i didn’t want to blow it the very first month!

but i digress.  this book started out very different than what i expected.  actually the whole book wasn’t what i thought it would be.  but, like all things Spurgeon, it was still so very good.  took several chapters before i really got in to it.  but it was encouraging and provoking.  and convicting.  definitely realized how timid i can be spiritually to REALLY believe what God says He promises, and to pray boldly and believe strongly that He WILL carry them out! 

until next time…


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