valentine’s day

this year was our 4th valentine’s day together.  thus far, each valentine’s day has been in a very different season.  our first came 6 weeks prior to getting engaged.  #2 was our first valentine’s married.  #3 took place while in oklahoma.  #4 finds us now in california!

my sweet husband had a delightful plan in mind.  spend the morning at griffith observatory and then drive up the coast to the malibu getty villa.  pretty fantastic, right?  one small problem.  both of those places are closed on tuesdays.  every tuesday.  huuhhh?  yeah.  zach was so bummed.  thankfully he did his research and discovered this before tuesday arrived.  so we needed a new plan.  how about mt wilson observatory?  closed on tuesdays.  huntington gardens?  also closed on tuesdays.  what is WITH everything being closed on tuesdays??  

eventually we created a plan B – huntington beach! i love the HB area.  and we discovered there is a library and a “central park” in the area.  so after sleeping in until nearly 10:30am and then a quick stop at trader joe’s for some picnic goodies, we hit the road. 

the sky could be blue / could be gray / without you i just slide away
the sky could be blue / i don’t mind / without you it’s a waste of time

i love driving along next to my Love…

our first stop was Spark Woodfire Grill.  it is a 2nd story restaurant with a wonderful view of the beach.  we made a reservation for 9pm (it was kind of all they had available).

our picnic:

our view 🙂

lying in the sun…

sporting the new sunglasses that zach bought me.  i’ll admit, they aren’t my normal style, but zach thought they were really cute.  and when my husband thinks something is cute and is offering to buy me accessories, i don’t say no. 

despite the lovely sun, it got chilly rather quickly, so we finished our picnic and went inside the library where we proceeded to sit and read for nearly 2 hours. 

i’m currently enjoying Northanger Abbey…

zach blowing through a vince flynn novel…

the library was having a used book sale, where we found these treasures:

between our iphones, computers and love of netflix and hulu, we both tend to be very “digitally” oriented. so it felt very refreshing to sit somewhere and read a good book for hours on end.  although after a couple of hours, i needed a change of scenery and a snack.  so we drove down the street to starbucks and continued reading.  that is, until the power went out.  random?  apparently the power went down on the whole block.  we figured we should head toward the restaurant and check out the power situation there.  

um yeah.  power out at the restaurant too.  ha!  at this point is was pushing 8pm and we were starting to get hungry.  and the hungrier i get, the more i want food that is familiar (translate: guaranteed to be yummy).  so we drove back to pasadena and had dinner at outback steakhouse.

poor zach.  he felt like the whole day was second rate and a string of thwartings and errors.  he’s the type of person who feels that if the plan doesn’t happen, it’s all lame.  lucky for him, he married a girl who was happy enough knowing that her husband had taken the time to come up with a fun plan ahead of time.  and it was through no fault of his own that the plan didn’t work out.  apparently tuesdays are just “closed” day for half the cool stuff in LA?  i assured him that the day was still quite wonderful.  i got to spend a whole day with my beloved husband relaxing, having a sweet picnic, reading and i even got a steak dinner out of the deal!  i thought it was a very nice valentine’s day!


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