affects of sugar – new development

you guys.  my body is NOT happy with me for consuming [non naturally-occurring] sugars.


i’ve begun to experience headaches within minutes of eating anything dessert-y or sugary.  they are swift and lasting.  if i want to avoid popping ibuprofen, then i can get them to go away by sleeping them off.  it’s been a bit startling! 

i know i SHOULD be fairly excited about this – talk about easy motivation to avoid sugar!  but c’mon.  it’s a bit disappointing to realize that so many things i enjoy will make me feel crummy.  i’m kinda bummed. 

we were at disneyland yesterday and unlike in the month of march, when i would say to myself, “i can’t have that,” i found myself saying, “is it worth it to have that??”

there are a few “exceptions” i have found.  if i have sugar after a substantial meal (including a good source of protein), then the headache is lessened.  still there, but lessened.  i made some granola “bars” with honey, peanut butter and chocolate chips.  (i say “bars” because they didn’t actually hold together.  became more like just granola.  i think they needed more peanut butter or honey or something to keep them stuck together… gotta try again.)  no headache when eating the small amounts of chocolate in that. 

if i get drinks like a passion tea lemonade from starbucks without the classic syrup sweetener, it seems to be ok.

but my beloved iced caramel macchiato or iced chai are right out.  or at least, very limited.

and of course, natural sweet items like honey and fruit are no problem.

i never thought i would have such a response to sugar after going without it for only 4 weeks!


2 thoughts on “affects of sugar – new development

  1. Wow. That is a bummer. Do you think sugar has affected you this way for a while, but you hadn’t noticed because you chalked it up to other causes?

  2. @Bethany – I’ve always been sensitive to headaches – meaning, I get them rarely enough that I notice them right away and thus can detect immediately the cause of the headache – so I don’t think I have been affected in this way previously but just never noticed it. I’m fairly certain that these reactive symptoms are new. Crazy, huh?!

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