our story – part 1: the day we met

a few friends of mine have been sharing their love stories on their blogs and i have just LOVED reading them!  seeing how God bring two people together and hearing all sorts of fun little details about their story always gets me so excited and makes me smile so big. 

today is the 4th anniversary of the day zach and i started courting.  and i thought it would be a fitting day to kick off a series of posts telling our story.  i initially thought “oh i’ll toss up a blog post with our story on it. that’ll be fun!”  yeeeah and then i started typing and realized, “i am such a sucker for a good story and i LOVE details.  who am i kidding?  this will have to be a series.”  don’t say i didn’t warn ya!

so i present you with part 1: the day we met.

june 29th, 2003 ~ las cruces, new mexico. at that time, sovereign grace ministries was still putting on the regional “celebration” conferences.  2003 was the last year they did them.  (so sad.  i really miss that conference!)  my parents were assisting/overseeing the check-in process and my brother and i, along with my bestie raigan, were helping.  zach had arrived at the conference early with some of the guys from his church who were serving on the worship team.  he had extra time and offered to help with check-in also.  and so we were officially introduced.  i say “officially” because i kind of already knew who he was based on his last name.  working at the church office gave me a working knowledge of most of the pastors’ families in the western region.  so although i knew who zach was, i hadn’t actually met him until the conference.  upon meeting, i thought he was kinda cute and he seemed fun and friendly.  i remember trying to tease and flirt with him a little and being kinda of annoyed that he wouldn’t flirt/tease back. 

funny side story – i had another friend from the church in denver, colorado who was going to meet my family for the first time at this conference.  we had been emailing for a number of months (she worked at the office at her church) and prior to the conference she had asked me to describe my family members.  i described my brother as “taller than me, skinny, dark hair & eyes…”  upon arrival and check-in, she saw zach hanging with me and my parents (my brother was off somewhere with a friend) and just assumed he was my brother!  she went the entire weekend thinking zach was ryan.  she even went so far as to correct someone during the basketball tournament, “no no, that’s not ryan lambros down on the court.  ryan’s the guy over there behind the scoreboard table.”  it wasn’t until the last morning of the conference when she and i were having breakfast that my brother was nearby and i snagged him for an introduction.  her jaw dropped and she told me later it was all she could do to not blurt out “that’s not your brother!”  we had a great laugh over it.

but back to meeting zach.  that’s really all there is to tell about that weekend.  see, i had just come off of 3 weeks working on staff at worldview academy, came home for the conference only, and then was flying from las cruces to california to join back up with the staff for another 3 weeks of camps.  plus, there was totally another guy on my radar screen at the time!  needless to say, i was very distracted.  so sure, while i tried to tease and flirt a little with zach upon meeting him, that was pretty much it.  no sparks.  no amazing conversations.  no questions or exchanging of information.  nothing.  we met, attended the conference and then he went home to pasadena and i flew on to northern california and then eventually back home to arizona.   


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