makin’ strawberry jam!

a few nights ago i spent the evening canning with my mom-in-law and 2 of my sisters-in-law.  it was my first time and not only was it tons of fun, but it was wildly successful!  one large bowl of [frozen-then-thawed] strawberries yielded 12 half-pint jars full of delicious jam!

(note: nearly all of the pictures below were taking by someone other than me!)

the supplies:

boiling down the strawberries:

having the proper tools helped a lot!  courtney bought a pressure cooker / water bath canning pot.  made the sealing process very easy and smooth!

we each had a set of utensils like these, which made filling and measuring and transporting the jars very easy.

courtney’s darling kitchen – Canning Central:

filling jars:

finished product!

i actually have a whole other bowl of strawberries – so i bought some more pectin and jars and am planning to can another batch tomorrow afternoon!


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