June Photo-A-Day

lately i’ve been moving away from facebook and more toward Instagram and my blog.  i found a list for a “June Photo A Day” thingy that i did last month and it was really fun.  each day had a specific category – or hashtag – for each day.  several of my friends did it also, which was super fun!  since Instagram is an app specific to iphone, ipad and android users, i thought i’d share my month of pictures here as well.  they are often a little glimpse of my every day life.  

6/1 #morning

6/2 #empty tasklist!

6/3 #onyourplate – CPK’s BBQ chop chicken salad – soooo delicious!

6/4 #closeup – oops!  (car i saw in a parking lot – not mine!)

6/5 #signs that were in the el monte airport cafe where zach and i had lunch that day

6/6 new beach #hat that i bought

6/7 this was the day of the fire in our apartment building carport.  i jokingly thought “i’m gonna need a hard #drink tonight!”

6/8 #sixoclock found me working on the renter’s insurance claim list and watching The Adventures of Huck Finn

6/9 #yourviewtoday – the shelf by our front window.  a favorite view of mine in our little apartment.  🙂

6/10 #bestbitofyourweekend – i forgot to take a picture while we were actually there, so a shot of the event in my iphone calendar had to do

6/11 my front #door

6/12 #fromalowangle – pretty pedicures at a girls’ night

6/13 wedding coordinating is my #art – meeting with the bride & mom for her upcoming wedding!

6/14 tea #time!  making my own black tea lemonade

6/15 #yellow – saw this on my run that day.  no filter on the camera or anything – so pretty!

6/16 #outandabout – picked up chips & salsa for dinner, some summer tank tops and supplies for canning strawberries

6/17 #inyourbag – supplies to make chocolate molten lava cakes for father’s day

6/18 #somethingwedontknowaboutyou – i buy tank tops in the little girls’ section.  it’s the only way i can get them high enough without being too long!

6/19 we went to disneyland that day and i was going to post something about how there is simply nothing #imperfect about a day at disneyland… until i got home and realized that, despite my best efforts to be responsible and reapply, i had obviously missed a spot with the sunscreen!

6/20 #favoritephotoyouhaveevertaken – this is a favorite that i actually took on our honeymoon.  found a random photo booth on the side of hwy 1.  he was cracking me up.

6/21 #whereyouslept – well i slept all night in bed… then moved to the couch after sending my husband off to work. 

7/22 #fromahighangle – my husband’s view heart

6/23 #movement – on our drive to phoenix

6/24 #onyourmind – honoring my dad at his surprise retirement party.  such a wonderful time.

6/25 #somethingcute

6/26 #whereyoushop

6/27 my favorite part of our grey & yellow #bathroom

6/28 #ontheshelf – july version!

6/29 my “niece’s” adorable #soft little curls

6/30 so grateful to have a #friend in each of my sisters-in-law (even though only 2 are pictured here)

i had so much fun with this that i decided to make it a summer thing and do another list for july! and more friends are doing it this month too – i’m stoked!  if you have Instagram, feel free to follow me and/or join in the fun!  i’m @cabesa_roja


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