happy 4th of july!

i can’t say i have gobs of 4th of july memories.  most of the ones i have are from when i was older – high school-ish age – and they involve laying on a golf course with some of my dearest friends talking for hours before fireworks.  aaahhh fireworks.  i have to say, i’m a total sucker for fireworks.  something about them brings out the 5 year old in me and just make me feel all happy and wondrous inside. 

call me a bad homeschooler or a movie junkie, but i grew up in a sports family, so when i think of the 4th of july and “the good ol’ days” of america, this scene from The Sandlot seems to always be what comes to mind:

may the innocent awe and wonder on these boys’ faces remind us of the awe and wonder of the immeasurable freedom we all enjoy both as americans and as christians. 

happy independence day!


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