our story: part 3

(part 1, part 2)

when everything changed (for me, that is)

jonathan and nicole had gotten engaged in april of 2005 and the wedding was planned for october at a beautiful country club in tucson, arizona.  the wedding weekend was a pivotal point for me.  why?  because it was at the wedding that i finally admitted to myself that i was crushing on zach.  it felt like SO much happened at that wedding – besides jonathan & nicole getting married, haha!  

first of all, that wedding weekend was a BLAST.  one of the things that made it super fun was that all the bridesmaids and groomsmen knew each other.  nicole’s sisters, myself and another close friend of mine were the bridesmaids.  on jonathan’s side it was his brothers and the 2 other guys from “the band:” sean and zach.

(pics (c) Bethany Baird Photography)
(also, sorry about the poor quality. this is actually a phone picture of the original hard copy picture.  this was before digitals were all the rage. it’s not a reflection of the photographer at all!)

zach and i even walked down the aisle together!

we mostly hung out together after the ceremony.  it was a morning wedding which left tons of time for swimming at the hotel and BBQing at my uncle’s house afterwards.  that evening a mini crisis struck, causing zach and i to work together.  zach had lent his car to a couple singles and youth to drive between pasadena and tucson for the wedding.  they had hit the road shortly after the wedding and about an hour outside of phoenix, blew a tire and the car spun out of control on the highway!  thankfully no one was hurt, but the 5 of them were a bit stranded and in someone else’s car!  i remember the next couple hours spent on the phone – zach duking it out with AAA trying to find some way of getting the car towed and the tire replaced so his friends could finish their trek home the next day, and me trying to get ahold of a couple families in phoenix who could house the friends overnight.  nothing went very smoothly but in the end everything was taken care of.  it was a pretty stressful evening for zach, but i remember admiring how he took responsibility for his car and his friends and worked very diligently to make sure everything was taken care of.  he pulled himself away from the fun and food for several hours, cloistering himself in the office and dealing with insurance companies, towing companies and even frightened and concerned parents until everything was arranged and satisfactory.  

poor guy.  i could see the stress all over his 20-year-old face.  i knew he needed a friend.  the next morning after church i pulled him aside and just pointed out the grace and maturity i had seen in him over the weekend.  not just the night before in shouldering the weight of the accident and the aftermath but also at various points throughout the weekend taking charge of situations and stepping out in leadership.  as a young single girl i was always on the lookout for Godly examples of leadership and tried to make a priority of pointing out those examples as a means of encouragement in my guy friends when i saw them.  of course, encouragement aside, it was also an opportunity to interact in a deeper way with zach.  aaand the mixed motives began….


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